Saturday, October 8, 2011

The name game

What are we going to name little 2.0?  Bailey was SO easy!  We had a couple lists going but honestly, Bailey Grace beat out everything fairly quickly and it was a no-brainer for us.  Honestly, we spent more time discussing how to spell it then we did coming up with it.  I really didn't want a weird spelling so we just went with Bailey.  But, here we are again, almost 4 years later.  We had a good little 5 name list for a boy.  We were narrowing it and probably would have chosen: Hudson or Bennett.  But, this girl thing, this is hard!  Zach's in love with Addison.  Or at least he was until he looked up on his name app that Addison is a very popular American name right now.  I picked Adalyn.  NOT Adaline.  I really like Adalyn.  I don't think Zach's sold on it.  But, if this baby comes the same amount of early as her sister, we still have 19 weeks left, ha!  Of course, I can already tell you that 2.0 has a mind of her own and is NOTHING like her sister!  Bailey was the BEST infant I could have asked for (except she NEVER slept).  She's not such an easy toddler/pre-schooler.  She's VERY polite but she is also VERY high-maintenance!  I love her!  She's everything I ever wanted!  I know sister will be too but I REALLY want to pick a name!  We've talked about sticking with a B name or going with something that ends in "ey" but we are so far, having NO luck!  Pray for us, lol.


The Anglin Family said...

Want my opinion?? Addalee;)) I love that name and it goes with Bailey!! When I named Laiken and gave her the middle name Addison it wasn't common. They are everywhere now!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Or Briley or I just like coming up with baby names, haha..

Brooke said...

Just start yelling the names you like if you are calling her in from playing outside! LOL! We also TRIED to have their names easily said if you were 'yelling' a them for 'fighting' with each other or something!! Our names are a little different to say together, but oh well!! We didn't want their names to sound similar because if they can't hear us then they might think we are calling for them instead of their sibling. Wow that made no sense at all!
Good Luck! Don't stress about it...the right name will just fall into your lap!