Thursday, October 27, 2011

A foot

I have to document this so that I don't forget (also, I have an ultrasound this afternoon so I will probably do an update to this post laster today or tomorrow).

This morning I had cafeteria duty at school.  I can't stand for 25 minutes without my back throbbing so I pulled up a chair.  I could feel the baby wiggling around since I had just had a breakfast sandwich and a small coffee but I didn't think much about it b/c she always moves after I eat.  I happened to look down and her little foot poked out!  Just for a second but it was the NEATEST thing!  I coulnd't make-out toes or anything but she is getting so big!  She's REAL!  I mean, I knew she was real but it's just such an awesome thing to be able to see and feel her outside the womb.  Hopefully daddy and sister get to feel her soon!

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The Anglin Family said...

I love that;) so amazing!!! It'll be exciting when Bailey can feel it!
My baby has been a wiggle worm today and has not stopped moving. I love it;))