Friday, November 19, 2010

Trip to the doctor

Yesterday, I had to go to my OB/Gyn. It was not a horrible visit since I didn't have to have an exam. But, I haven't had a cycle for 9 weeks. Yes, this has happened to me before and I was prescribed Pro.vera for 10 days to have a withdrawl bleed. I wasn't really sure what withdrawl bleed meant so I Dr. Googled it. Here is what I found out: Basically, a withdrawl bleed is what you have on the 4th week of your cycle when you take birth-control pills. It's not a TRUE period because you didn't ovulate (or shouldn't have with your birth control). Anyway, back to my visit from yesterday. So, I went in, stood on the dreadful scale (which wasn't so dreadful since I've lost 20 pounds) and had a chat with the doctor. She said that because of my severe PCOS the fact that I have lost 20 pounds is phenomenal! Yes, she used that word. She said for someone like me to be able to lose that much weight in 6 weeks is like losing 40 pounds for a normal person who doesn't have PCOS and pre-diabetes. was really happy to hear that. She also said that women who suffer with this condition need to think of their bodies like little compact cars. I was really confused at first because she said I have "super metabolism." WHAT? I thought i had NO metabolism. She explained that my body doesn't need much food to survive. Just like little compact cars don't need much gas to go a long distance. She said I will always struggle to lose weight :( BOO! But that if I only eat 900-1000 calories per day instead of 1500 like normal women my age, that will help. I'm also now on 1500 mg of Met PER DAY! Can you believe that? I'm SO lucky that I can take the 4 dollar generic and that the generic doesn't upset my stomach! I know so many of you who take met have to take the REAL stuff! UGH! And, the "Super Metabolism" thing means that when I eat something, my body works really fast to burn it off but gets "tired" before it can burn them all. SO, if I over eat even with exercise, my body will have a hard time burning those extras. So basically I need to be a bird forever if I want to be thin. Ok, here's the good news. As soon as I start my withdrawl bleed, she is going to call in some clomid. Now that I'm on 1500 mg of Met per day I am HOPING for a BFP soon. Zach wants another baby and said that I was the best mommy ever. He makes my heart happy. I would like to lose between 20-25 more pounds before I get pregnant but since I've lost 20 in 6 weeks, I'm hoping I can lose the other 20 in a couple more months. So, we will probably start trying in January! YEAH! My Bailey was SO good at the doctor yesterday! But, it is SO funny what goes on in her little mind! She thought that the blood pressure cuff was a puppy pee pee pad. I was laughing so hard when she asked why the nurse put a pee pee pad on my arm. HAHAHAHA!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ducks, money, and weight loss (in no particular order)

I apologize for the lack of posts. I really don't know what to write about these days. Same ol' same ol' for now. I'm still on my low-carb diet. I'll know for sure tomorrow but I think I'm down 19-20 pounds. I had about 2.5 weeks where I just couldn't lose any weight. It was like my body was teasing me with "Are you sure you can do this, can you really do it?" Yeah, I was definitely having internal conflict about it, lol. But, I figured, since I paid the money to be in the competition and I couldn't afford the entry fee in the first place, I MUST finish.

Speaking of money. A lot of things have happened at school lately and I've been asked to give money. I honestly feel very badly for the women who have been affected with cancer and the teachers who have surgery and with all my heart I would love to contribute but I just can't. I get so frustrated when people say "I'm gonna go purchase such and such for so and so and you need to give me X amount of money." Really! I get really frustrated with people who have NEVER been in my situation and never will or who have but it's been so long they have forgotten. The money I have right now is for food and car fuel. I feel bad b/c I know that if it were me they would contribute to whatever it was that I needed but right now, I just can't. Last year when we lived with Zach's parents we always had money and I gave above what was asked of me so hopefully no one expects me to be able to continue to do that. Good news... next paycheck will have us ALL caught up and we will be doing MUCH better from here on out.

Now on to the fun stuff. I took Princess Bailey to the park yesterday and we fed the ducks. It was SO funny to watch her. She was kind of scared b/c they literally flocked us after the first slice of bread made its way down the hill!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ballerina and painting

We hung about half of our Christmas lights this weekend. It was really funny because the neighbors were driving by and STOPPING to talk to us about our lights. Zach really takes pride in making our house look AWESOME. It was a little nuts to me to be putting them out the day before Halloween but (and don't tell him I told you this) it was kind of fun helping him. I have had a cold for a few days so I had to go in and rest for a little while but I did help some.

We are not really big on Halloween but we did let Bailey dress up and help pass candy out. I tried to take her trick-or-treating around the neighborhood but she really wasn't interested in talking to strangers (aka, neighbors). So, she just wanted to help daddy pass candy out on the front porch. She was SO cute. See for yourself:

This is my favorite one. I love her little (or not so little) thighs!

Last Friday was my dad and my little sister's birthday. Yesterday, I took Bailey to a place called "Purple Glaze" to paint a gift for my dad. She chose a puppy. LOL! Here are a couple pictures of her painting. (and a picture of me in my new glasses). I can see! :) And yes, I know she is a mini-me!
I am so excited to go visit my family back in Arkansas this weekend! We are having a family birthday party for my dad and sister. It should be lots of fun. Oh, and I lost about 1 more pound. Not great but I'm almost down 20 so I'm happy about my overall loss. Have a great week!