Monday, March 30, 2009


Please pray for Kami. Even if you are a lurker and you don't want to leave a comment (thank you for stopping by). Even if you know nothing about her! PLEASE, PLEASE, Pray for her. She needs it right now. Sometimes it is So hard to be positive when you are going through something hard! But, the rest of us, on the outside looking in, can pray. Please, pray for her and her baby!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Great Day

I took off work today so that Zach's mom could go to the doctor. I thought it might be fun to take Bailey to the library. We had never been (Ok, I've been to the library before but I have never taken Bailey to the library). It was a lot of fun. I called Meredith AKA "Nanny" and asked if she wanted to bring the girls, Arianne and Gabby along too. I am so glad we went. Of course, Bailey doesn't quite understand that books are more for reading and less for pulling off the shelf but she does know what books are. When we were finished, we went to McDonalds. I really like that you can now get a happy meal with apple slices and milk instead of coke and fries. Bailey ate almost all of her chicken nuggets AND her apples. It was A GREAT DAY!!!! Thank you to Nanny for bringing Ari and Gabby! Enjoy the pictures...

Playing under the table.

These are the books we checked out. This just cracks me up because "I Hate To Go To Bed" should be Bailey's theme in life :) We also checked out "The Grandpa Book" but Bailey was playing with it when I took the pictures.

Gabby, Ari, Bailey
(girl in the back was just sitting there trying to get in the pic but I have NO idea who she is).Playing with the toys!

Waiting for my friends to arrive :)

And we don't look too happy here at McDonalds but that's

because we were "patiently" waiting for our food... HURRY NANNY!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Apparently, Bailey didn't like what I picked out for breakfast and wanted to pick her own... see for yourself. PS. I haven't made it into the office to make the new header but I will try to get on it today :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fever

As soon as Zach gets up I will create a new header for the blog. I'm SO glad spring is almost here! I hate cold weather.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bailey is better. We spent the entire weekend at Zach's mom's house. So, we got home yesterday and are now enjoying the rest of our Spring Break off at home. We already spent WAY too much money during our time off so we will have to spend the rest of it doing "free" things, lol. That includes eating at home. :( So, I'm sorry I have been away for several days. I also ate HORRIBLE things so I am VERY thankful not to have a scale to taunt me. I'm back on track today and hope to have a couple pounds off before we have to go back to work :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick baby

Today, Zachs mom and I took Bailey to the doctor. She had a fever of 101 and was just acting not herself. We had to literally hold her down for the doctor to check her ears. It was so sad I almost couldn't do it! She screamed SO much that she busted some blood vessels in her little cheeks. It wasn't hurting her it just scared her. It was SO absolutely horribly sad! She's a little worse this afternoon too. But, I gave her some antibiotics so I hope she will be better by tomorrow. Please pray for my little muffin head!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bailey drew her FIRST picture

Last night, Bailey had a crayon at the restaurant and this is what she drew! Everything in blue (minus her name) is her masterpiece. Isn't it STUNNING?!

And for fun... here is a list of Bailey's current words :)




One, Two, Three, Five :)


Bubba (what she calls the dog)

NO! (we are QUITE good at that one) ... story coming soon









(I'll add more as I think of them)

Also, I was asked to pray for Baby Bentley! Please click on her "button" and say a prayer for her and her family!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I snapped!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am quite patient. I don't yell, I don't normally get very angry about things, and when I do get upset I am fine by morning. Yesterday all HECK broke loose! We have to walk our students to lunch. This REALLY upsets me! My thoughts are that these kids are in 8th grade! They should be able to walk themselves to lunch. Apparently I am wrong in thinking this. So, yesterday after being gone for 2 days last week to a conference, I came back to find 1: my sub was HORRIBLE. She broke things in my classroom and took it upon herself to find an assignment for my kids b/c she didn't like the one I left. 2: Bailey had been throwing up the night before and I felt bad coming to work. 3: This lunch procedure sucks and it had me all upset. Here is what happened. When the lunch bell rings we have to wait an extra minute this semester before we can actually go to lunch because we are on a rotation with the math department. That is fine b/c last semester we went first. NOW, we have to line our "babies" up in 2 lines and walk them to the cafeteria. We have a scheduled 30 minutes for lunch but by the time we walk them to lunch and wait for the rest of the math kids who are running slow we are now down to about 27 minutes. One of the teachers said to me... "some of your kids were running in the hallway." I said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO! I HAVE TO GET MY DOOR LOCKED AND CLOSED BEFORE LUNCH AND I CAN'T RELY ON ONE OF MY STUDENTS TO DO THAT!" Also, the kids are released to come back to class 5 minutes before lunch is actually over which means we have to be back to our classrooms early. So, now we are down from a 30 minute lunch to about a 23 minute lunch. So, what? 7 minutes isn't that big of a deal. That's true but when it's every day it's a LOT of time we are missing! So, today, I have come up with a brilliant plan (which no one cares about b/c you are not in my situation and I'm tired of typing so I won't type it out) that I think will work WONDERFULLY and hopefully give me at least one minute back, lol. GEEZ!

By the way... special thanks to Tiff and Kami for the Blog award. I will post it later. I love you both :)