Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you @$%&*#$ Kidding me?

Ok, I am really frustrated right now, but I will start with the things that make me happy.

First, I finally managed to get some pictures taken. We thought if we bought Bailey new princess bedding, she MIGHT sleep in her own bed. So far, no such luck. But, she does love it and it sure is cute!!! Some of the pictures are from last night's princess cake that Bailey got for Grandma for her birthday. Zach's mom's birthday was yesterday and Bailey picked out a princess cake for her (and then guess who got to keep the princesses?) :) Anyway, I didn't sort the pictures for you because my blog isn't cooperating very well and well, I'm too lazy to deal with it. Zach and I are going back to school today to work on our rooms. So, I don't have a lot of time to get this LONG blog done :)

She also got new princess panties :) AND, the outfit behind her is princess too (Daddy went on a shopping spree).
Now, as for how things are going living at "grandma's," So far, so good. Zach's mom has a pool, tanning bed, and Zach just bought me a wireless mouse for my lap top so really what do I have to complain about, lol. Yeah, I know, be jealous of me! (JUST KIDDING). Zach's mom does practically ALL of our laundry AND folds it if I don't get to it fast enough. (She has this thing about laundry. Her machine runs almost all day and she is WAY better than me because she gets them all folded before they even cool off and I am NOT exaggerating)! So, things on this side are well!

Things on the house side, $#*%^^#%@$, You get the idea! We are supposed to close on our house we are selling TOMORROW! Bright and early. But, on Tuesday, the buyer called and said she wanted to change lenders. WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am a calm person who HATES confrontation. However, I pretty much let her have it! Now, I obviously don't want to lose her as a buyer because at this point we NEED our house to sell. We are COMPLETELY moved out and VERY stressed, NOT prepared to make another house payment. So, since we are selling by owner we were able to talk with her new lender. The good news is, the new lender has been NOTHING but helpful. She said she is SO sorry this has happened to us because we should have been notified LONG before Tuesday. She is working as hard and fast as she can to get this house closed before Zach and I have to go back to work on the 10th. I really need all of you to pray that this works out. I honestly don't know what we'll do. (I know what we'll have to do but I'm not prepared to do that.) I'm asking God to please give me peace that this will work out. I have a good feeling about this and the new lender, as I said, has ASSURED us that she can get this done. But, when we were ASSURED last time and it didn't happen, that doubt has just flared back up. However the woman told me that she REALLY wants our house. SO I feel like it will happen. But, until that check is in our hands we are still skeptical.
Please say some prayers for us!
Thanks girls! Love you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Moved

I have finally caught up on everyone's blogs today. I'm glad to see everyone seems to be well. I have decided that since I'm SO late responding to everyone's blogs I will just make comments to everyone here this once and I hope that's ok with everyone.

But first,
I am SO happy to report that besides the microwave (that somehow missed the moving truck yesterday, oops) and Bailey's ball pit and baby pool, we are ALL MOVED! YEAH! Things here are well. Bailey has been a little cranky but her back teeth are coming in and things have been a little weird. Her normalcy is a little off right now and the somewhat schedule she did have is gone. So we are going to work on that. We did convert her bed at grandma's into a toddler bed and she loves to play in it but we've only been able to get her to sleep in it ONE night. But, it's ok. She is learning her boundaries right now. Terrible twos as they are called set in about 17 months and she is VERY exploratory right now. She's in to EVERYTHING and she is learning what is ok, and what is not. For example, she thinks her baby doll wants to swim in the toilet. So we are learning that baby dolls don't swim in toilets, lol. She is SO smart and growing up way too fast. I haven't taken ANY pictures in over a week so I need to do that! She also goes around telling everyone 'I a mukin" it's so cute. She is saying "I'm a munchkin." Tomorrow Zach and I are going back to the old house to get the microwave and the ball pit and to take the 15 trash bags to good will. Oh, and I forgot, the swing set and lawn mower also have to be moved so Zach's step-dad is going to put them on his trailer. PLEASE pray for us. We are set to close on the house on Friday and everything is going smoothly but there is always that glint of fear until the paper is actually signed and the check is in our hand. So, here are my comments:

Ashley: I definitely have those girls from your post in my thoughts and prayers! That is SO very sad and I cannot imagine going through that.

Tiff: SO glad meds came and all looks great so far. Definitely still praying for a BFP this cycle! You are a trooper! I had to prick my finger 4 times per day when I was pregnant with B and I remember thinking at one point that it wasn't worth it. It IS SO worth it! Finger pricks (in my opinion) are worse than shots and I HATE needles so I know you can do this! Keep thinking about that bean! Love you!

Kami: CHASED BY A BEAR???? What the heck were you thinking???? Ok, just kidding. It's called "pregnant brain." It does not go away EVER (or at least not yet). Literally I have NO common sense sometimes ever since I got pg with Bailey. I am SO glad you and babies are ok! I can't imagine how scared you must have been. But, I'm glad you had a nice vacay! Love you too!

Mary: Your little girl will be here before you know it. I'm so glad things are looking good! Make sure you rest A LOT the next few weeks and DON'T let that baby sleep with you or you will never get her out of your bed. Although, I just taught Bailey how to hug and it's so sweet how she lays in bed with me at night and says "hug, mama, hug" and squeezes me really tight. There is NOTHING better.

I'm sorry I missed some of you. School starts for me on Aug. 10 and I have not even began to think about school yet. So, this week I MUST get ready.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, here is another late post...

We finally received word on Monday afternoon that the appraisal on our house was just fine. So, we are scheduled to close on the 31st. We have basically moved most of our things into Zach's parents house. I'm SO excited to be able to pay some things off but I am sad to leave my first home. Zach doesn't know this but when we got back from our honeymoon and cleaned up all of our gifts from the wedding, I made us our very first meal in that house and I took a picture of it. Sorry I don't have it right now to post. We brough Bailey home from the hospital in that house and it was our first place. However, the stress of our debt really weighs heavily on me and getting it paid off is going to be SO great! So far things are not bad at all out here. Bailey has a MUCH bigger play room and it's crazy how much you can live without when all you have is a bedroom and a bathroom, lol. I'll try to update more often.
Until next time,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Night

So, last night after a LONG day of packing, I was sitting on the couch and Bailey handed me something. I saw her pick it up off the floor but was so tired I didn't notice what it was. Any guesses? No, not a bug. Anyway, as always, she put it in my hand and I said "thank you baby." Then, I realized what it was. She has been a bit constipated and she pooped some little balls that started falling out of her diaper and she handed me one. "EWWWWW," I screamed. To which, Zach, who wasn't paying attention started freaking out because he thought something was wrong. I said, "She just put poop in my hand." I gently wrapped it in a napkin and said to Bailey "Take it to daddy." HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, July 13, 2009

18 Month Check-Up

Munchkin had her 18 month check up today. Doctor said she is beautiful (duh, like anyone was asking, lol). She told him she is a "mukin" (Munchkin). You won't believe me when I tell you this but I will anyway...
She weighs exactly 35 pounds and is almost 34 inches tall. Dr. P says she is the size of a 2 year old! She REALLY doesn't like the doctor and almost immediately upon entering the room, she started clinging to me. But, eventually she warmed up to the doctor. It's that mean shot nurse that she doesn't like.
We chose to do her MMR separate. Today she had her Measles and Her Hep A. Now she has a "Ticker" on each leg. Poor baby thinks they are stickers. I tried to tell her they are bandaids. Anyway, everything is well and no more shots for 6 months. YEAH!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lack of posts

I apologize for my lack of posts. Every weekend we pack up and "move" to Zach's parents house. I guess we haven't really had a lot going on to blog about. Our 4th was firework~less. It rained. My mom and dad came over to Zach's mom and dad's as usual. We always all get together for the 4th and have lots of fun. Since my parents live an hour and a half away they don't stay for the fireworks anyway and since it rained Saturday night and the ones the neighbors set off were totally freaking Bailey out, we didn't buy any anyway.

We are STILL waiting on the appraisal to be set up on our house. We are still set to close on July 31st. However, we have packed NOTHING but Bailey's closet. Yes, I got it ALL cleaned out and have SO many tubs of clothes she has outgrown it is not even funny. I took pictures but I'm not posting them because who really wants to see a closet FILLED with a bunch of tubs. But, I have them labeled and ready for the move. We still don't know if we will build or buy. I personally am leaning towards buying because the neighborhood where we would build is a little farther out than I'd like to live. But, I haven't ruled out the possibility. I just want a new house!

We also found out this week that we WILL be getting our stipend in August. The school district tries to pay everyone a % stipend each year but this year we weren't sure if funds would be available. But, they were and together, we will get about 12 hundred! So, I was excited to hear about that.

In other news, Bailey is COMPLETELY obsessed with "Mok" (milk). She CONSTANTLY asks for it. I'm like DUDE! Where are you putting all of this milk? I don't give her more than a few cups a day but she would drink it ALL the time if I let her. I, personally hate milk so I'm glad she likes it. I hope she continues to like it because I know it's good for her. Believe me, my child is NOT lacking calcium. She has her 18 month check-up and shots on Monday. It was supposed to be this past Monday but I forgot and had to call and re-schedule. They usually call to remind us but since it was a holiday we missed each other. I am really nervous about this set of shots. She is supposed to get her MMR. For all of you mom's or soon to be, you have probably heard that the MMR is sometimes associated with Autism. You will hear BOTH sides from different people. Some believe that YES, most definitely the shots caused their child's autism and others (mostly physicians) believe the shots are unrelated to Autism. However, I used to work at a place that helped kids with Autism and the common reason of all the parents was that it was the MMR. Recently, Zach's mom told us about a little boy she used to babysit who was COMPLETELY fine until his 18 month check up when he had his shots. He has now been diagnosed with Autism. So, I'm just unsure what I want to do. We asked to have her shots split up and they said it was fine but now I'm told they don't make them that way anymore. So, we are debating.

Also, tomorrow is my and Zach's 4th anniversary. We were going to stay in a hotel but we decided to use the money to go to the Casino or dinner, or something fun. We are actually going to leave Bailey overnight with his mom. I am not worried about her but it is just so sad to leave her. I've never left her before! Since she was born, I have spent EVERY night with her. For 549 nights she has slept with us or in her room next to us. AHH! I just don't know if I can do it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Before Bailey

Before Bailey:
A 1/2 gallon of milk would always go bad
There was no one to drink it
It really was sad!
I never bought spray and wash!
What was the need?
Now we go through a bottle per week!

I slept when I wanted
We went where we pleased
But I would have given anything to buy baby food peas.
I had no idea
what new songs I'd learn
A mommy sings ALL day long

My life was great ,
but missing something
Then came the girl, with 2 tiny feet.

Dear Bailey,
You are growing up WAY too fast!
Today, as you turn 18 months old, I want you to know how much daddy and I love you!
We wanted you for a LONG time and are thankful EVERY day that we have you.
God gave us a WONDERFUL gift and we couldn't be happier!
Happy 1/2 birthday baby girl!

We decided to get her a little cake to celebrate her 1/2 birthday. I know it's kind of silly but 18 months is a big deal to me! I'm so thankful to have her! She really means the world to us!