Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you @$%&*#$ Kidding me?

Ok, I am really frustrated right now, but I will start with the things that make me happy.

First, I finally managed to get some pictures taken. We thought if we bought Bailey new princess bedding, she MIGHT sleep in her own bed. So far, no such luck. But, she does love it and it sure is cute!!! Some of the pictures are from last night's princess cake that Bailey got for Grandma for her birthday. Zach's mom's birthday was yesterday and Bailey picked out a princess cake for her (and then guess who got to keep the princesses?) :) Anyway, I didn't sort the pictures for you because my blog isn't cooperating very well and well, I'm too lazy to deal with it. Zach and I are going back to school today to work on our rooms. So, I don't have a lot of time to get this LONG blog done :)

She also got new princess panties :) AND, the outfit behind her is princess too (Daddy went on a shopping spree).
Now, as for how things are going living at "grandma's," So far, so good. Zach's mom has a pool, tanning bed, and Zach just bought me a wireless mouse for my lap top so really what do I have to complain about, lol. Yeah, I know, be jealous of me! (JUST KIDDING). Zach's mom does practically ALL of our laundry AND folds it if I don't get to it fast enough. (She has this thing about laundry. Her machine runs almost all day and she is WAY better than me because she gets them all folded before they even cool off and I am NOT exaggerating)! So, things on this side are well!

Things on the house side, $#*%^^#%@$, You get the idea! We are supposed to close on our house we are selling TOMORROW! Bright and early. But, on Tuesday, the buyer called and said she wanted to change lenders. WHAT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am a calm person who HATES confrontation. However, I pretty much let her have it! Now, I obviously don't want to lose her as a buyer because at this point we NEED our house to sell. We are COMPLETELY moved out and VERY stressed, NOT prepared to make another house payment. So, since we are selling by owner we were able to talk with her new lender. The good news is, the new lender has been NOTHING but helpful. She said she is SO sorry this has happened to us because we should have been notified LONG before Tuesday. She is working as hard and fast as she can to get this house closed before Zach and I have to go back to work on the 10th. I really need all of you to pray that this works out. I honestly don't know what we'll do. (I know what we'll have to do but I'm not prepared to do that.) I'm asking God to please give me peace that this will work out. I have a good feeling about this and the new lender, as I said, has ASSURED us that she can get this done. But, when we were ASSURED last time and it didn't happen, that doubt has just flared back up. However the woman told me that she REALLY wants our house. SO I feel like it will happen. But, until that check is in our hands we are still skeptical.
Please say some prayers for us!
Thanks girls! Love you!


Mimi said...

PRAYING BIG TIME FOR YOU GUYS!!! I'm so sorry honey!! Lean on God, He will make it happen!

Love you,

Ashley said...

Bailey gets cuter everyday!!! Good luck with the house...I hope it turns out okay!!!

Just Another Infertile said...

First of all- cute pictures!!

I'm sorry things are so crazy with your house right now. Moving/buying/selling are some of the most stressful times. I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

I'm sorry you have to go back to the classroom already. I hate when you go in for the first time since summer began.

Jessica said...

I'm saying a prayer that you will feel such a calm and a peace about the whole situation. I hope it gets easier! : ) Thinking of you!