Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Moved

I have finally caught up on everyone's blogs today. I'm glad to see everyone seems to be well. I have decided that since I'm SO late responding to everyone's blogs I will just make comments to everyone here this once and I hope that's ok with everyone.

But first,
I am SO happy to report that besides the microwave (that somehow missed the moving truck yesterday, oops) and Bailey's ball pit and baby pool, we are ALL MOVED! YEAH! Things here are well. Bailey has been a little cranky but her back teeth are coming in and things have been a little weird. Her normalcy is a little off right now and the somewhat schedule she did have is gone. So we are going to work on that. We did convert her bed at grandma's into a toddler bed and she loves to play in it but we've only been able to get her to sleep in it ONE night. But, it's ok. She is learning her boundaries right now. Terrible twos as they are called set in about 17 months and she is VERY exploratory right now. She's in to EVERYTHING and she is learning what is ok, and what is not. For example, she thinks her baby doll wants to swim in the toilet. So we are learning that baby dolls don't swim in toilets, lol. She is SO smart and growing up way too fast. I haven't taken ANY pictures in over a week so I need to do that! She also goes around telling everyone 'I a mukin" it's so cute. She is saying "I'm a munchkin." Tomorrow Zach and I are going back to the old house to get the microwave and the ball pit and to take the 15 trash bags to good will. Oh, and I forgot, the swing set and lawn mower also have to be moved so Zach's step-dad is going to put them on his trailer. PLEASE pray for us. We are set to close on the house on Friday and everything is going smoothly but there is always that glint of fear until the paper is actually signed and the check is in our hand. So, here are my comments:

Ashley: I definitely have those girls from your post in my thoughts and prayers! That is SO very sad and I cannot imagine going through that.

Tiff: SO glad meds came and all looks great so far. Definitely still praying for a BFP this cycle! You are a trooper! I had to prick my finger 4 times per day when I was pregnant with B and I remember thinking at one point that it wasn't worth it. It IS SO worth it! Finger pricks (in my opinion) are worse than shots and I HATE needles so I know you can do this! Keep thinking about that bean! Love you!

Kami: CHASED BY A BEAR???? What the heck were you thinking???? Ok, just kidding. It's called "pregnant brain." It does not go away EVER (or at least not yet). Literally I have NO common sense sometimes ever since I got pg with Bailey. I am SO glad you and babies are ok! I can't imagine how scared you must have been. But, I'm glad you had a nice vacay! Love you too!

Mary: Your little girl will be here before you know it. I'm so glad things are looking good! Make sure you rest A LOT the next few weeks and DON'T let that baby sleep with you or you will never get her out of your bed. Although, I just taught Bailey how to hug and it's so sweet how she lays in bed with me at night and says "hug, mama, hug" and squeezes me really tight. There is NOTHING better.

I'm sorry I missed some of you. School starts for me on Aug. 10 and I have not even began to think about school yet. So, this week I MUST get ready.


The Pifer's said...

AWE you are too sweet! Thank you love! And I am SO glad to hear that you are moved and everything is going great! I miss you BIG TIME! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Love ya!

Mimi said...

Thank you sweetie pie!!! Yeah, I know, I did not make the best decision at all!!! I'm praying that all will continue to go smoothly!!! Whoo hoo on a closing!!!


Ashley said...

Hey honey!! Glad you are all moved!! Can you believe summer is depressing!! I went to school today to work in my room and was sooo sad;) I hope you have a wonderful week!!