Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberries were on sale

I got this idea from this magazine. But, I HATE whipped cream so we did our own version :)

And here's what I did with the rest of them :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Zach and I don't teach Summer School on Friday's so we have 3 day weekends. This weekend, we spent in Arkansas with my family. It was a LOT of fun (as you can see)... Bailey loves my parent's neighbor's little boy. He came over several times to play with her.

This is them taking a water break. I just think it is SO cute! I'm not sure her daddy is thrilled with her "boy-craziness." lol

He is so good with her. For a 7 year old he really was patient and nice with her.

I love this picture of her running through the sprinkler. She didn't like it in her eyes so she would close her eyes and start to run into the sprinkler and then wind up running around it. SO CUTE!

"Mommy, I WUV Jackson!"
Girl in the green is my 13 year old sister, Monica.
"Thank you for my hopscotch, princess sprinkler!!!"

On Saturday, my sister and I went shopping. I was THRILLED to find out that Bath.and.Body.Works was having a HUUUUGE sale! My very favorite fragrance of ALL time was on sale and they ONLY bring it out for the June sale!

"Night.Blooming.Jasmine" LOVE IT!

My sister bought me some of this and I am LOVING it too!

It's called "Tahiti.Sweetie" and it's the PERFECT size for my purse. :)
Another of my FAV's is Juniper.Breeze. But, they didn't have the lotion in stock so I am planning on taking a trip to B.&B. here in Tulsa! :) It is also ONLY available during the June sale. I was SO excited to see it! And, I just looked online and it's cheaper on the website! WOOO!

When we got home yesterday, Bailey wanted to play outside some more! So, I let her help me water the flowers. Is she not the cutest?

I told Zach that these flowers are God's gift to me. When we bought this house (back in December) we had NO idea what kind of plants these were. When they started blooming I was absolutely extatic! I LOVE day lillies. They are my favorite! When Z and I got married I wanted NOTHING more than to have Orange Day lillies as our flowers at our wedding. But, we never could find any fake ones and we couldn't afford real so I just wound up with pretty pink Gerbera daisies. But, I was always sad that I didn't get orange lillies. I know the ones in these pictures are yellow but the ones up around our house are orange. Thank you God for even thinking of the little things!
We had a GREAT weekend! Bailey has also been VERY good about going potty in the toilet! My mom bought her some new panties and she is loving them! She is still having accidents but of course we are still in early stages of this. I'm proud of her though! I hope to have her trained by the end of the summer. I hope all of you had a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bailey's Spankin'

The other night, I told Bailey if she took her diaper off I was going to give her a spanking. She kept testing me by pulling on the tab and giggling. I must have told her AT LEAST 10 times to keep her diaper on! Eventually she pulled it off and handed it to me. So I swated her bottom. She looked at me, growled, and said "Oh geez!"

UGH! What have I created? So, we've been REALLY trying to potty train the last day or so. She's doing pretty well but she's also really good at telling me she already went pee pee in her panties instead of telling me she needs to go.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Summer-time

Well, kind of...

Again, we are teaching summer school. It's 16 days so I can't complain too much. I was really bored last week and we spent a TON of money that we DIDN'T have so it's good we have something to do. Last year, I only had to work half days and we were fine (of course it helped that we sold our house and made a nice chunk of money and well, this year we have an almost double house payment, lol). Anyway, I keep telling myself we are going to be fine. I know, people like to say "oh, we have no money" but really, we are on a TIGHT budget and I mean we can spend less than 16.00 per day for the next 99 days! That INCLUDES gas and groceries! Yeah, we're poor right now and my only hope is school starting again and I'm NOT ready for that. Still, we will make it. Zach's mom has a pool and hopefully I can get her potty trained and we won't be buying diapers, lol. So, that's a very small update for you. I finally had a cycle. I am trying very hard to remember my Metformin at night but sometimes I Forget. Hopefully I will have a normal cycle this time. Gotta get back to my 5th graders! :)

Until next time...