Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I do it, Wednesday (and giveaway)

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On today's "why I do it, Wednesday" I am going to discuss diet! The dreaded word! I have been thinking for several days about what my next "WIDIW" post would be about. And, I know this may sound silly but I actually prayed that God would give me something. Then, this morning while I was getting coffee in the office, it hit me.

I was talking to the counselor who said that at home she is down to only decaf. So, when she got to school she just had to get some "real" coffee. Then I said to her. "When I was pregnant, I only drank decaf and it's all I had at home. One day when my parents came over my mom asked where my coffee was. I said oh, it's right here. (pointing to the decaf). She said "Melody, that's not real coffee."
The counselor and I both laughed and headed our own directions. Then a thought suddenly hit me so hard that I almost said it out loud to the air. (or whomever might be listening)...

When I was pregnant, I had gestational diabetes and I was VERY strict on my diet doing anything and EVERYTHING to make sure my baby would be protected. The "diet" was actually very easy. I got to eat several small meals per day and I didn't get hungry as often. Sure, I wanted sweets sometimes but as long as my sugar was stable I could have a candy bar every now and then. However, as soon as Bailey was born, I went back to my regular diet.


It hit me this morning that it makes NO sense for me to work so hard to protect my baby girl but then NOT protect her mommy after she is born. She needs me as much as I need her. So, why should I not take care of myself now that she is here?

I guess this post is more of a why I don't do it, Wednesday. Still though, it's easier not to diet... But what if I'd said that when I was pregnant?

I am really going to ponder this and work on it this week, month, year...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Na Na Na Na Na Na Ooh, sugar sugar...

I will FOREVER be amazed that she can push a chair to the other side of the room without me hearing her! She SURE was "sweet" last night :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Apologies...

I know I don't have to apologize for this but since it could possibly offend someone, I will. I am a republican. COMPLETELY RIGHT WINGED! I don't understand why abortion is even an option for anyone, and I don't understand why I "get" to pay for other people's healthcare when my husband and I work hard for our money! I don't understand why insurance companies will NOT pay for birth control but WILL pay for you to have as many children as you can have. I don't understand why I "get" to pay for unwed mothers to continue to produce children and never have to pay a dime for their OB appointments and then also get free food for themselves AND the children after they are born and yet, the insurance company doesn't want to pay FOUR dollars for my clomid when I will NOT be getting ANY free food and will still pay ALL of my co-pays AND my percentage of the hospital bills after my children arrive. That is, if I am able to have more children...

Enough about that. I'm very angry today, and here is why:

Saturday evening, my parents drove into town and took us to dinner. Us being my 2 sisters, Zach, Bailey, and myself. We had a great dinner. Bailey hadn't had a nap so she sweetly fell asleep at the table and when it was time to leave, I picked her up but it woke her and she was pretty fussy. We said our goodbyes and headed out the door. On the way, as I was holding my sleepy child, I slipped on a water spill and down I went. Right there in the middle of the restaurant, dropping my child, everyone staring at us, we were both on the floor. Very shortly, thereafter, a waiter came to start wiping up the mess. My mom, realizing I had not come outside yet, came back in to look for us, saw the boy pick up the paper towels and begin cleaning, and helped me up. The manager was VERY sorry and had me fill out an incident report right there. Bailey was screaming and it was quite a sight! At first, I really thought we were both fine. I do not want to be that person who goes to the doctor (free or not) if I don't have to. However, I really started getting sore on Monday morning. I called THREE times to the claims office at the restaurant to tell them that I (and Bailey who had started complaing of her leg and bottom hurting) needed to see a doctor. THREE calls and the woman wouldn't call me back. Finally, I called and left a message saying that I had made an appointment for both of us and guess what? She called me back within 15 minutes. She said that they are not responsible for my fall because the waitor was already cleaning up the spill when I fell. I politely explained that had he been on his hands and knees at the time of the fall, I would have fallen ON him. She said "yes, that's what I thought too." However, they are not taking responsibility. She told me to have my attorney call her!!!!! So, Z located an attorney and I proceded with my doctor visit. I decided I would call and have Bailey go to my appointment with me so that we could both be seen at the same time. However (and you will NOT believe this) the doctors office said "No, we will not see you." SERIOUSLY!? How can you turn a patient away when any non-working, non-taxpaying citizen can come in and pay nothing? So, now I am tired of this whole process and feel like I should just deal with the pain and go on with my life. I am so irate right now. How could this have happened to me when I did NOTHING wrong. I was NOT threatening to sue or even have a million tests run. I just wanted an x-ray and to have my baby checked out. What's wrong with trying to be a good mother??? I could scream right now!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I do it, Wednesday

No pics this time. :(

This is actually kind of sad.

Zach sleeps in our master bedroom. I sleep in the guest room with Bailey... No jokes about no wonder we only have one child! She does nap, people! Anyway, this is NOT a great situation, nor one I ever thought would happen. But, here is why I do it.

Bailey will NOT sleep in her own room. We tried and she loved it for a while and even refused to sleep with us which was very nice. Then, she started wanting to sleep with us again. I'm SO tired at night that I gave in after a few nights and just let her start sleeping with us again. In the past, my and Zach's bed was always up against the wall because our other house was so small that that's the only way we could arrange our furniture. Then, when we lived with his parents, we had no choice but to put our bed against the wall again. I LOVE to sleep right up against the wall and obviously I don't feel like I'm falling off the bed when there is a wall on one side of me. Now, we are blessed to have a nice big house and our bed sits nicely in the middle of our room with LOTS of space on all sides. But, when Bailey sleeps with us I feel like I'm falling off the bed. So, I started taking her to the other room in the middle of the night and sleeping with her in there because I don't want to leave her in our bed with Zach because it's a tall sleigh bed and she's fallen off twice and hurt herself. I hope and pray things will change this summer when I am off and can find ways to get her back into her own room. Honesstly, it's hard enough to find ANY intimate moments as a couple when you have a child. ANY time we have alone is really special to me. So, I basically hate this situation but right now I feel like it's the only way any of us can get any sleep. It's sad though, too, because Bailey refers to the rooms as Mommy's room and daddy's room.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It probably tasted better...

Before I dropped it on the floor. This is last night's dinner. Chicken noodle casserole is very good, but only when it stays in the pan and doesn't get dumped all over the floor.

"Mommy, Why'd you do that for?" No, really, that's what she said.

This picture is just because I think I have the cutest little girl in the world. :) She poses EVERY time we get the camera out!

But the INSTANT Zach walked in the door last night Bailey said, "Daddy, mommy dropped lunch!" She said it as if I meant to do it. She is such a little tattle tale! It was really funny!
So, "daddy" took us to Delta Cafe for the 2 for $12.99 meal. Bailey ate salad which she refers to as leaves and dip. Then, we had to go get some food for Benji. Poor Benjamin ran out of food and was happy to have some last night.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Please keep Tammy in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I do it, Wednesday

Everyone needs some kind of blog "catch." So, every Wednesday, I'll tell you something that I do and even if it is something that sounds crazy, and I'll give the reason for doing it. I'm big about this in my classroom. If my students don't know the WHY then they don't usually want to do what I ask. So, on this Why I do it, Wednesday, I'm going to tell you why I follow this kid around picking up everything she drops!

See that playroom behind her? It's attached to our living room. Which you can see here:I absolutely CAN NOT stand to watch TV in a dirty room! I constantly pick up in there! Zach always asks why I constantly clean up the room. Why not just wait until bed time? I CAN'T! I cannot enjoy myself in a dirty room! See that vase of flowers on the coffee table? Bailey LOVES to pull all of them out and dump ALL of the glass beads onto the floor. I probably pick them up 3 times a day! But, I continue to do it because part of me has this fear that the house will become overwhelmingly nasty if I don't constantly keep it picked up! Also, even though I know this is silly, I feel like I'm getting a little extra exercise following her around and picking up her messes, lol. So, there you have it, why I do it, Wednesday.
I'll try to post something more exciting next week. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


We had a GREAT weekend! We bought 2 new outside toys for Bailey and got a GREAT deal on them! We bought a sandbox and a play house. Literally, we spent more time outside than inside this weekend! It was a lot of fun and my little girl is going to look like an indian before summer is over! I won't overload you with pictures but here are a few cute ones.
Don't pretend you wouldn't play outside naked if your mama would let you, lol. Don't worry we bathe in sunscreen :)
I LOVE this weather! I know it will get REALLY hot soon and since I've been walking every day I hope to build up enough strength to be able to endure the heat! Also, I have ALWAYS been horrible at drawing, but I have learned that having a child has taught me a lot. Here is something
else we've been doing every evening.

Also, I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood. Our neighbors have been SO nice. When Bailey and I are walking in the evenings people will stop and introduce themselves. The neighbor across the street came over the other night while we were chalking on the driveway and introduced himself. I absolutely love having friends and since I don't have many, it's nice to live in a neighborhood where everyone is so friendly. The woman who lives behind us has 2 adorable dogs. The other day she told me that Bailey and I could come over and see them ANY TIME! So, we did. Here are a couple pictures of that.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daffodils and ogres

I have a million (ok only 400) grades to enter into my online gradebook. Instead, I'm uploading our Easter pictures for you to enjoy. We spent Easter Sunday in Arkansas with my family and had a blast. The Easter Bunny came to memaw and papa's front door and dropped off Bailey's basket. We colored eggs on Saturday night and she had green ogre hands for a while. It was so much fun! :) We walked to the park on Easter Sunday and and took pictures in the daffodils.

This is her "how many times do I need to smell them for you to get a good picture" face :)

Friday, April 2, 2010