Monday, April 12, 2010


We had a GREAT weekend! We bought 2 new outside toys for Bailey and got a GREAT deal on them! We bought a sandbox and a play house. Literally, we spent more time outside than inside this weekend! It was a lot of fun and my little girl is going to look like an indian before summer is over! I won't overload you with pictures but here are a few cute ones.
Don't pretend you wouldn't play outside naked if your mama would let you, lol. Don't worry we bathe in sunscreen :)
I LOVE this weather! I know it will get REALLY hot soon and since I've been walking every day I hope to build up enough strength to be able to endure the heat! Also, I have ALWAYS been horrible at drawing, but I have learned that having a child has taught me a lot. Here is something
else we've been doing every evening.

Also, I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood. Our neighbors have been SO nice. When Bailey and I are walking in the evenings people will stop and introduce themselves. The neighbor across the street came over the other night while we were chalking on the driveway and introduced himself. I absolutely love having friends and since I don't have many, it's nice to live in a neighborhood where everyone is so friendly. The woman who lives behind us has 2 adorable dogs. The other day she told me that Bailey and I could come over and see them ANY TIME! So, we did. Here are a couple pictures of that.


The Pifer's said...

Super cute pics! I love the one of her naked in the backyard; talk about a blackmail pic when she's older-LOL!!

Ashley said...

Love it!! Brandon and I were just saying that we can't wait till McKenzie can run around the yard in just her diaper;)

Lori said...

So Presh!!! I love how happy she looks! You sound like a fabulous mommy!!!