Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I do it, Wednesday

No pics this time. :(

This is actually kind of sad.

Zach sleeps in our master bedroom. I sleep in the guest room with Bailey... No jokes about no wonder we only have one child! She does nap, people! Anyway, this is NOT a great situation, nor one I ever thought would happen. But, here is why I do it.

Bailey will NOT sleep in her own room. We tried and she loved it for a while and even refused to sleep with us which was very nice. Then, she started wanting to sleep with us again. I'm SO tired at night that I gave in after a few nights and just let her start sleeping with us again. In the past, my and Zach's bed was always up against the wall because our other house was so small that that's the only way we could arrange our furniture. Then, when we lived with his parents, we had no choice but to put our bed against the wall again. I LOVE to sleep right up against the wall and obviously I don't feel like I'm falling off the bed when there is a wall on one side of me. Now, we are blessed to have a nice big house and our bed sits nicely in the middle of our room with LOTS of space on all sides. But, when Bailey sleeps with us I feel like I'm falling off the bed. So, I started taking her to the other room in the middle of the night and sleeping with her in there because I don't want to leave her in our bed with Zach because it's a tall sleigh bed and she's fallen off twice and hurt herself. I hope and pray things will change this summer when I am off and can find ways to get her back into her own room. Honesstly, it's hard enough to find ANY intimate moments as a couple when you have a child. ANY time we have alone is really special to me. So, I basically hate this situation but right now I feel like it's the only way any of us can get any sleep. It's sad though, too, because Bailey refers to the rooms as Mommy's room and daddy's room.


Penny1215 said...

I know the feeling well. I haven't had the bed alone with my husband in nearly 8 years. I have four kiddos and they have all been in the bed with us. I just can't bear to hear them cry for me so I end up doing what I know I shouldn't and put them in the bed with us. Because my second two are so close ( Olivia is 4 months old and Avi just turned 2)I have them both in the bed with us. Needless to say we have barely any alone time and no room in our bed. I figure it's a short time in all of our lives and we'll have time for each other when all the kids are big enough to be in their own rooms. I've been trying to get Avi into her own room, but not very successfully. She will sleep part of the night in her bed, but then she ends up right with us. Since I'm nursing the baby I just take her to bed with me. I know they say not to do it for fear of suffocation, but I am overly aware of where she is at all times. She will not sleep in her crib anyway. Don't worry. She'll be big and out of your bed before you know it and then you'll miss the heck out of it!!

Lori said...

I cannot imagine how hard that must be. I think it is so important to have those intimate moments for couples. I hope that you can find a way to make it work, that Bailey feels comfortable in her own room by herself. I'll pray for you to know how to handle that situation, I know it cannot be easy!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment!! I appreciated it so much, I love your honesty!!!

Courtney said...

So. This probably won't be encouraging. Funny, maybe, though. And I want you to know you're not a lone. My kids are 4 and 6. They still come get in our bed. We gave up the whole 'you will sleep in your own bed' thing. To be honest, I sometimes wonder why they even have beds. Our son is pretty easy. Mostly he'll sleep where you put him. Our daughter, however, isn't as easy. She mostly wants to sleep with us. Most nights I just move her. We've found a compromise, however, and most nights they sleep on the couch (it's a sectional).

And the whole mommy's room, daddy's room thing... we have that same thing going in our house. We sleep in the same bed, but my husband spends most of his spare time in the spare bed room, so that's daddy's room. Even I call it Daddy's room. ha. It'll get better. It has to get better.

The thing that has helped me the most is to remember that I am not a better mother if my kids sleep in their own beds every night. At this point I don't care if they sleep on the kitchen floor, so long as they sleep.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. nice to meet you :)