Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last night, Bailey got her leg caught in the headboard of mine and Zach's bed. She started fussing and I thought she just didn't want to go to sleep so I rolled over to pick her up and I couldn't move her. "OMG," I said. Zach wanted to know what was wrong. I said "Her leg is stuck, I can't move it." So, he turned the light on and right before Zach busted the bed down she moved just the right way and her leg came sliding out. We have a sleigh bed and the headboard has slats (hints why baby beds have to only have an inch or so between slats). Anyway, she was really upset so we took her pajamas off to see if she was ok and it was already all bruised. I feel so bad that she got hurt. I know it wasn't our fault but when your baby is hurt it hurts you too. Anyway, I gave her some tylenol and she was already SO exhausted even before all of the drama. She was ALMOST out and Zach turned the lamp off. Bailey started SCREAMING! She was so scared. I felt so bad! We tried it a few more times and EVERY time we turned the light off she started screaming. I finally got her to sleep and then she was up about every 2-3 hours b/c it was hurting. I hope tonight is better! My plan had been to let her go to sleep with us and then put her in her bed. But, I felt bad moving her after she got hurt.

Then, this morning Zach had to work so I had to take her car to get the flat changed. I was SO mad b/c I was so tired. Something is really wrong with my hormones this week. I don't think I'm pregnant (ok, that's a lie). I always have the "what if this is because I'm pregnant" thought. However, I am probably not pregnant. It's just that the last 3 days when Zach says or does something that makes me even a little bit upset. I can't help it, I get REALLLY mad at him. I was crying over the stupid tire this morning. Anyway, sometimes Mommies get tired and worn out. I hope that is my problem this week.

Love and hugs ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here is a note for all my teacher friends...
I know this is gross but hey, we all have faults or "issues." Mine just happens to be smelly feet :)

Yesterday, one of my students just would not stop talking! He is a big goof and I like the kid but he needs to know when to STOP! Finally, I said to him. "If you do not stop talking I am going to take my shoes off and put them on the overhead cart so that you can smell them until you are quiet."

Let me set this up for you... I was sitting in my stool at the front of the classroom right next to the overhead. His desk is right beside the overhead.

My little buddy didn't believe me! So, guess what I did? I kicked my shoes off and stuck my feet right there next to him! Seriously girls, ever since I had a baby my feet smell horrible! I really think it's because I never wear socks and so even when I do my feet smell because my shoes smell so bad from all the times I didn't wear socks, haha! It's BAD! So, I am obviously embarrassed to share that I have smelly feet but hey, I have found something they are good for!

You should have seen the look on this kids face when I actually did it. Honestly, I don't even know if they were close enough for him to smell but it was TOTALLY worth it! He will definitely start listening to me!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Good Morning everyone, I thought I would write a quick post since it's been almost a week. Nothing new is really going on with us. However, Bailey did learn to say her ABC'S and most of her colors this week. It's so fun to hear her talk because she has the sweetest little voice! We are STILL battling bedtime! I am at a loss! I want her SO badly to sleep in her own bed but she DOES NOT want too! So, I try to rock her and eventually she winds up in bed with us. I know, I should let her cry it out but last night she was screaming and I couldn't stand it. I hope that by the time we have another one, our first born decides she wants a little space of her own :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I woke up next to a puddle of pee pee this morning! My poor baby girl apparently needed a diaper change in the middle of the night (but how was I to know?). She went to bed about 7:45 and at 12 Zach got up and tripped over her trash can (which I put in the hallway b/c it had a dirty diaper in it and we can't find a piece to the diaper genie). The trash can woke her up and Zach put her in our bed. When she finally went back to sleep at ONE THIRTY, I was so tired! This morning, my alarm went off at 6 and as I reached over to cover her up, I thought, OH GOSH, the dog threw up in the bed. But no, it was Bailey, she was SOAKED! I was sitting there in my "I'm not fully awake yet" mode thinking "what should I do?" I finally decided it would be horrible and inhumane to leave her like that so I picked up my sleeping baby and carried her off to her room to change her diaper. She was NOT happy that I was bothering her. I got the diaper off, it was SO wet it was dripping, SICK (and Jessica, this is SICK gross, not sick awesome, haha). I didn't want to move her around too much because I didn't want her to be so awake that she wouldn't go back to sleep. I still had to take a shower and get ready for work. I decided to change the diaper and then wrap her in blankets, rock her back to sleep, and put her in her bed. This is how she was when I left for work. I called Zachs mom to tell her why Bailey was naked and she said she would bathe her when she woke up! THANK YOU! So, that is how my morning started!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures of my new haircut

Here is the picture I promised from my birthday. My sister took a picture of me at target, holding a clue game box, in my new clue tee shirt.

Here is a picture of my new hair cut: Please, ignore the pimples and my swollen face. I can't explain it and I'm not pregnant so I don't know what's going on. As you can see from the picture above, I look a little bit like I'm retaining water today. Dear God, if I'm pregnant this is not a funny joke. :)
In other news... Has anyone ever smelled Notorious by Ralph Lauren? When I was getting my hair cut today I was looking through a magazine and smelled this stuff. It struck me so strongly that I actually had to tear part of the page out and bring it home. It was one of those smells that took me to another place. Now, I know this is weird but the smell reminded me of, walking through the mall and being TOTALLY in love, at Christmas time. I actually was thinking, I need to walk through the mall, hand in hand, with my husband... and I should stop now. But, this perfume, well, I need some! Just the smell made me feel sexy, made me feel pretty, made me feel like a teenager! I know, I know, don't admit me. I'm not crazy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok, this has been quite the week. First, thank you for all of your birthday e-mails. I love birthday greetings! Second, I missed work yesterday. So, today I get to work to find a NOVEL from my sub. After reading about 2 lines I decided to throw it away b/c it was POINTLESS! Then, my 5th hour started telling me everything that happened yesterday so I decided to dig the note out of the trash and this is what it said:
(Everything in red is what I adlibbed) :) Also, I changed the students names.

Ms. Estes,
1st hour:
I arrived about 8:10 (school starts at 7:45)
One girl was sitting in the hall. The class was watching the movie.
No problems
We stopped where the girls are getting their hair cut.

2nd hr. (movie)
Brayden was talking I moved him to the seat next to me. He tapped the desks and popped his fingers. These 3 staples landed on my desk (she taped them here).
It was more likely him, because of the angle. I sat behind him.
He asked to go to the rr – I said no.
“ “ “ “ “ “ Locker- “ “ “
“ “ “ “ “ “ gym- “ “ “
to get pencil, we were watching film. He made noises (tally marks for all of his noises go here).—fingers, popped neck.
Ms. Mark came in, had him spit out gum. He didn’t watch much of the film. He made finger pictures from the light in the lamp. He said Derek was doing gang signs. Derek tapping desk!! I didn’t see it. I said if he would have been watching the film he wouldn’t have seen Derek.
Movie: ended just after hair cuts.

4th hour:
Aaron was sitting in the back
Movie stopped just after hair cuts

5th hour. Jameka, (this is funny b/c this girls name is NOT Jameka, she just told the sub that was her name and yes, she did get in trouble by me, for that!) came in, didn’t sit until I asked, I told her to sit, she did, but not to watch film, to draw and jingle her bracelets. She walked in front of everyone to get scotch tape., I asked her to go in back of room, she didn’t (apparently she is comma happy here). She talked. I asked her to sit in the hall, or she could go to the counselor – she chose counselor David moved to the seat near the door. I had him move to the front and told him to be the last one out. (OOOOH).

6th hour:
4 people were punching others (WHAT) (Not hard but adefinite) (I don’t know what adefinite means either) Tryon- chris- matt-punch Kristin. Bryan – gum
Justin (I don’t have a student named Justin so I have no clue what or who she is talking about here) got a note for her to go to that person after school (who is that person?) She said she couldn’t and would get in trouble. I let her got at 1:47 she returned at 2:02. The rest of the students did well. All in all I had a good day. I enjoy these older students. Movie: Ended where escape was being plotted (my poor students wanted to escape too).

I'm glad I dug it out of the trash b/c I was having a VERY BAD day and this made me laugh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tomorrow (2/9) is my birthday. I wonder what Zach has in store? I've asked him not to get me a gift AND I MEANT IT! My parents came over today and my mom made homemade corndogs! Yeah, sounds like a silly request but I LOVE homemade corndogs! This was the first day I've had sugar in a month! I only ate a very small piece and then I made my mom take the rest of it home. Friday night we went to Red Lobster with our friends and I was SO happy to eat a cheese biscuit (or 3)! So, I'm a bit nervous to weigh tomorrow (but that's on another blog, haha). So, all in all, so far it has been a great birthday and it's not even here yet!

The best gift I have gotten is this tee shirt from my sister. I will post pictures of me in it when she sends them to me! I LOVE the movie CLUE! If you haven't seen it, wait for a rainy day and watch it! Don't watch it with me, though. I know ALL the lines and it's quite annoying :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zach, Zach

Ok, I have to post this. At dinner tonight Bailey kept saying "Zach, Zach, Zach." Of course Zach doesn't like Bailey calling him that but I was laughing so hard I almost choked. A few minutes ago I went to get her out of the office and I said, "tell daddy bye bye." She said, "Bye Bye Zach." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He tried to get her to say Melody and she won't. It's just to hard for her. HEHE.

SORRY HONEY! I wouldn't like it if she called me Melody either!