Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tomorrow (2/9) is my birthday. I wonder what Zach has in store? I've asked him not to get me a gift AND I MEANT IT! My parents came over today and my mom made homemade corndogs! Yeah, sounds like a silly request but I LOVE homemade corndogs! This was the first day I've had sugar in a month! I only ate a very small piece and then I made my mom take the rest of it home. Friday night we went to Red Lobster with our friends and I was SO happy to eat a cheese biscuit (or 3)! So, I'm a bit nervous to weigh tomorrow (but that's on another blog, haha). So, all in all, so far it has been a great birthday and it's not even here yet!

The best gift I have gotten is this tee shirt from my sister. I will post pictures of me in it when she sends them to me! I LOVE the movie CLUE! If you haven't seen it, wait for a rainy day and watch it! Don't watch it with me, though. I know ALL the lines and it's quite annoying :)


The Pifer's said...

AWWW I am glad you had a good birthday weekend and I hope you have an AMAZING BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!! Love you lots!

Mimi said...

How cute!!! I LOVE Red Lobster. Yum... maybe I'll go there on my birthday!!! I hope you enjoy!! You deserve it!


Just Another Infertile said...

Happy Birthday!

You deserve to spoil yourself.

I love the game clue. I haven't played it in so long.

JessicaP said...

Haha...Clue. I think we watched that like 3 times a week in Mississippi! Good times :-)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! We arent' many days apart...mine is the 13th. I hope you had a great one!!