Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last night, Bailey got her leg caught in the headboard of mine and Zach's bed. She started fussing and I thought she just didn't want to go to sleep so I rolled over to pick her up and I couldn't move her. "OMG," I said. Zach wanted to know what was wrong. I said "Her leg is stuck, I can't move it." So, he turned the light on and right before Zach busted the bed down she moved just the right way and her leg came sliding out. We have a sleigh bed and the headboard has slats (hints why baby beds have to only have an inch or so between slats). Anyway, she was really upset so we took her pajamas off to see if she was ok and it was already all bruised. I feel so bad that she got hurt. I know it wasn't our fault but when your baby is hurt it hurts you too. Anyway, I gave her some tylenol and she was already SO exhausted even before all of the drama. She was ALMOST out and Zach turned the lamp off. Bailey started SCREAMING! She was so scared. I felt so bad! We tried it a few more times and EVERY time we turned the light off she started screaming. I finally got her to sleep and then she was up about every 2-3 hours b/c it was hurting. I hope tonight is better! My plan had been to let her go to sleep with us and then put her in her bed. But, I felt bad moving her after she got hurt.

Then, this morning Zach had to work so I had to take her car to get the flat changed. I was SO mad b/c I was so tired. Something is really wrong with my hormones this week. I don't think I'm pregnant (ok, that's a lie). I always have the "what if this is because I'm pregnant" thought. However, I am probably not pregnant. It's just that the last 3 days when Zach says or does something that makes me even a little bit upset. I can't help it, I get REALLLY mad at him. I was crying over the stupid tire this morning. Anyway, sometimes Mommies get tired and worn out. I hope that is my problem this week.

Love and hugs ~


The Pifer's said...

AWWW poor Bailey! Our bed is like that too!!! Poor thing!!!

Love ya

Just Another Infertile said...

How scary! I'm glad she didn't break it.

Mimi said...

I'm not going to comment on the last thing you said because you already know how I feel. LOL

But POOR BAILEY GIRL. I feel so sad for her. It is definitely not your fault mommy. Weird things like that happen all the time! I hope she feels better soon and you get a better nights sleep!

Love ya,

The Pifer's said...

Hey sweet girl, I left you something on my page!

P.S. how is my baby doing??? :P

Penny1215 said...

Poor little bit!! I hope she is feeling better now!! I know all about the no sleeping thing. I'm trying to get my little one to sleep in her own bed now because she isn't letting me get any rest in mine. She isn't doing so well with it. We were up all night last night. She's a sweet girl though. I posted some pics. You should go check em out. They are of all of my kiddos. A few are with my nieces!!