Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I snapped!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am quite patient. I don't yell, I don't normally get very angry about things, and when I do get upset I am fine by morning. Yesterday all HECK broke loose! We have to walk our students to lunch. This REALLY upsets me! My thoughts are that these kids are in 8th grade! They should be able to walk themselves to lunch. Apparently I am wrong in thinking this. So, yesterday after being gone for 2 days last week to a conference, I came back to find 1: my sub was HORRIBLE. She broke things in my classroom and took it upon herself to find an assignment for my kids b/c she didn't like the one I left. 2: Bailey had been throwing up the night before and I felt bad coming to work. 3: This lunch procedure sucks and it had me all upset. Here is what happened. When the lunch bell rings we have to wait an extra minute this semester before we can actually go to lunch because we are on a rotation with the math department. That is fine b/c last semester we went first. NOW, we have to line our "babies" up in 2 lines and walk them to the cafeteria. We have a scheduled 30 minutes for lunch but by the time we walk them to lunch and wait for the rest of the math kids who are running slow we are now down to about 27 minutes. One of the teachers said to me... "some of your kids were running in the hallway." I said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO! I HAVE TO GET MY DOOR LOCKED AND CLOSED BEFORE LUNCH AND I CAN'T RELY ON ONE OF MY STUDENTS TO DO THAT!" Also, the kids are released to come back to class 5 minutes before lunch is actually over which means we have to be back to our classrooms early. So, now we are down from a 30 minute lunch to about a 23 minute lunch. So, what? 7 minutes isn't that big of a deal. That's true but when it's every day it's a LOT of time we are missing! So, today, I have come up with a brilliant plan (which no one cares about b/c you are not in my situation and I'm tired of typing so I won't type it out) that I think will work WONDERFULLY and hopefully give me at least one minute back, lol. GEEZ!

By the way... special thanks to Tiff and Kami for the Blog award. I will post it later. I love you both :)

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Mimi said...

Where the heck did thid post come from? I never saw it until now! I am so sorry you are having a rough time at work. WTHeck is up with that schedule? I don't know how you do it girl. Hang in there. The summer is coming!