Friday, December 30, 2011

just a few things...

Sometimes I send an e-mail to my mom and sister with the subject "Just a Few Things..." They are usually really funny.  I put things Bailey has said or funny things from the week.  This is just going to be a few things from the last few weeks:

*Went to the OB yesterday.  Everything is great so far.  I'm technically 30 weeks 5 days (as of today).  Adilyn Cate is measuring 34 weeks.  However, I am not a skinny thing so the doctor says that 1 cm of that is probably just my extra belly weight.  Either way, she is measuring 3 weeks ahead.

*Bailey is getting VERY excited to meet her baby sister.  I just hope she is still excited when she actually gets here!  If you ask her what her sister's name is, she practically yells "ADILYN CATE!"  I said, "what if we just call her Adilyn?  Or what if we call her Adi?"  NO MAMA, HER NAME IS ADILYN CATE!
So, I guess (at least as far as big sister goes) she will be Adilyn Cate.  And, I'm sure she will get onto you if you call her otherwise.

*My dad wound up back in the hospital on Dec. 23rd.  It was VERY scary!  Luckily, he was having a reaction to some medication and he is just fine.  But, over the last 3 Christmas's we have had 3 deaths, one almost fatal car accident (of my grandpa), and a trip to the ER with Bailey where they told her her heart was in the wrong place (they were wrong but it was still scary).  So, every time we get a call around Christmas time telling us somthing could potentially be wrong, we get very nervous.

*We visited my parents for Christmas and it was LOTS of fun.  We took Bailey to the square in Fayettevill and took her to Fun City.  It was a BLAST!  Very inexpensive and the whole family got to play.

*I'm WAAAAAY excited to watch this year's (or next years 2012) Rose Bowl Parade.  My sister is in the Siloam Springs Band and they will be marching.  So, if you watch, look for the brunette with the sleigh bells. :)  They will all look the same but you can still pretend you saw her.  I'm so excited!  We have always had a good band and when I was in school we went to the Citrus Bowl Parade.  It was fun b/c that happened to be the year that the Razorbacks went to the Citrus Bowl and the Razorback band paid for our entire band to attend the game.  So, I'm SUPER pumped to watch Monica on Monday!

*My 34 week ultrasound (a perk of having gestational diabetes is an extra ultrasound) will be on January 23.  This will help us get an estimate on how big Adi is.  (Side-note, I am not super fond of the name Adi but I'm sure she will be called that so I am preparing myself, I do love Adilyn though) :).  I will have another ultrasound at 36 weeks with my doctor just to see how things are going.  Yesterday, she said I am at greater risk of having a still birth b/c of my gestational diabetes.  But, I am not worried.  I had GD with Bailey and controlled it with diet (like I am now) and she was fine.  Doctor said that normally there aren't complications and when there are it is normally with patients who are on insulin.  I guess I have pregnant brain b/c total I had gained 5 pounds my entire pregnancy.  I thought it was 2.  Anyway, I had lost 4 at yesterday's appointment which puts me at a total gain of 1 pound!  I know there are still several weeks to put on a few pounds but I'm happy with her gaining and me not!

Here are a few (but not many b/c we used my moms camera for the weekend) pictures from the last few days:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I updated the ticker at the top of my page.  I had it set with Shamrocks for our "March" baby.  But... yesterday, the OB said that because I am diabetic they will have to induce at 39 weeks.  I posted to facebook that she moved my due date up a week.  I guess technically that's not true.  She isn't moving my actual due date she just said she won't let me go past 39 weeks.  So, I just changed the ticker to show that she will definitely be here by then. :)

Baby is measuring 30 weeks.  I'm very strict and good on my diet.  I had to take my glucose chart yesterday and she was very pleased with my numbers.  She told me that she expects me to eat cake on my 30th birthday in February, haha.  My last 2 appointments were in the morning so I didn't eat before I went.  Originally, between months 2-4 I gained 5 pounds.  But, every appointment after that I had lost weight.  So, until yesterday, I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yesterday, my appointment was at 4.  Obviously I couldn't go all day without eating!  I am now up 2 pounds since I got pregnant but my next appointment is in the morning so I imagine those will vanish :)  She said baby and water weighs at least 5 pounds by now so in reality, I have lost a few pounds.  All in all, things are good!  I feel a lot of pressure which she said is normal for a 2nd pregnancy.  It's getting closer and I cannot wait to meet this little girl!

Monday, December 12, 2011

28 weeks

Decided not to dress in black... I think I like black better!  NO, I KNOW I like black better!  I go to the doctor tomorrow so we shall see if the weight loss continues or ends. :(  I'm gonna say it's probably ended.  My last 2-3 appointments have been in the morning and I don't eat first, lol.  Tomorrow's appointment is at 4 and I KNOW I cannot go all day without eating. But still, not expecting an 8 pound gain or anything :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Exactly One Month

Our baby will be 4!  I can hardly believe it.  Every year, I write her a special poem for her birthday and include it with her invitation.  I just finished it today.  I'm SO SO SO SO thankful that I have done this since her 1st birthday.  I hope that she will cherish them for many years.  I wasn't going to put them all here, because I thought I had them all blogged but, I don't.  So... In order from 1-4, here are her poems.  I hope that I can keep this up for baby sister as well. (and I had to re-type 2 of the 4 so there are probably some typos) :)

First Birthday:
For many months we prayed and prayed
And wondered and hoped until she came

The day she was born was the happiest of all

For mommy and daddy, we were in awe

And through the months we’ve laughed and played

And thanked God every SINGLE day

For our blessing from above

We never knew there was such love

And now our baby crawls and grooves

It’s oh so fun to watch her moves

A tiny baby, she is no more

The toddler years we are in for

Our little one is the most precious thing

And happiness she will always bring

So, please join us at her party so fun

For Bailey Grace is turning ONE!!

And the invite:

For birthday's 2-3 we just had regular invites but here are the poems:

In January,
Two-thousand Eight
Our sweet baby girl
Made our lives great!

In January,
Two-Thousand Nine
We wondered
Where had gone the time?

Our baby girl
Was turning one
And we thought it
Was oh so fun!

But time kept going
It did not stop
She learned to walk
And talk, A lot!

She's learned to sing
And learned to dance
There is nothing cuter
Than watching her prance

Time really does fly
When we're having fun
Our sweet little girl
Reminds me of the sun

So bright and sweet
And full of joy
Remind me again
why I wanted a boy?

So here we are,
Two-Thousand Ten
It's time for Bailey's Birthday

We hope you join us
She'd love to see you!
For Princess Bailey
Is turning 2!

When you were born,
We loved you so
Your giggles and coos
we didn't know

That as you grew
We'd love you even more
Our precious bay girl
The one we adore.

And when you were two
OH MY! We thought
Those cabinet doors,
They got their locks!

At two you learned
That nothing was too tall,
Nothing was to big, and you were NOT too small!

And even then,
We loved you more
As we continued to
All the hallways and floors.

And now that you're three
and we're watching you grow
There is one more thing,
We want you to know!

We feel so blessed
 to be our Father and Mother
Even when,
You are covered, In BUTTER!

And here is year 4 that I completed today:

Being 4

Was it not yesterday I held you,

For the very first time?

And I could hardly believe

You are actually mine.

When mommy and daddy looked at you,

Our lives changed forever.

No one could ever take your place,

Not now, and surely not ever

Turning 4 brings lots of things!

A great big year for you!

This year you’ll become a sister!

And then you’ll start school, too!

And though you’re more than ready,

To start Pre-K this year,

There is one thing you need to know

Clothes, to school, you must wear!

We are oh so proud of you,

And love to watch you grow.

You’re my favorite big girl, Bailey Grace

This, I want you to know!