Saturday, June 4, 2011


Bailey has sexdar. Or at least that's what Zach has determined. It doesn't matter when one of us even thinks about sex, she becomes SO needy! EVERY SINGLE TIME we try, she comes running into the room. She can be completely pre-occupied with something else and not even realize we left the room but it doesn't matter. Within a minute she will be RIGHT upstairs interrupting us. Now let me explain that we don't just go around our house having sex and leaving our child unattended! She is always perfectly safe in her room watching cartoons or playing with something. It's just funny that we NEVER had uninterrupted sex, EVER! Last night, Zach tried to kiss me and she hit him in he head with a book. I just wonder how we are ever going to get her a baby sister if she will never even let us sit next to each other on the couch without coming to sit RIGHT between us. Someday, she is probably going to be mortified to know this, lol.
In other news...
We went to the splash pad yesterday. It was SO SO SO fun, and FREE. I literally am a tomato today and it hurts so bad. Even the tops of my feet are sunburned but it was fun. We won't go back for a few days because we stayed for 2 hours and even with 2 applications of sunscreen, Bailey is a little pink today. But it was SO FUN! Here are some pictures (since I'm so bad about putting pictures anymore.