Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok, this has been quite the week. First, thank you for all of your birthday e-mails. I love birthday greetings! Second, I missed work yesterday. So, today I get to work to find a NOVEL from my sub. After reading about 2 lines I decided to throw it away b/c it was POINTLESS! Then, my 5th hour started telling me everything that happened yesterday so I decided to dig the note out of the trash and this is what it said:
(Everything in red is what I adlibbed) :) Also, I changed the students names.

Ms. Estes,
1st hour:
I arrived about 8:10 (school starts at 7:45)
One girl was sitting in the hall. The class was watching the movie.
No problems
We stopped where the girls are getting their hair cut.

2nd hr. (movie)
Brayden was talking I moved him to the seat next to me. He tapped the desks and popped his fingers. These 3 staples landed on my desk (she taped them here).
It was more likely him, because of the angle. I sat behind him.
He asked to go to the rr – I said no.
“ “ “ “ “ “ Locker- “ “ “
“ “ “ “ “ “ gym- “ “ “
to get pencil, we were watching film. He made noises (tally marks for all of his noises go here).—fingers, popped neck.
Ms. Mark came in, had him spit out gum. He didn’t watch much of the film. He made finger pictures from the light in the lamp. He said Derek was doing gang signs. Derek tapping desk!! I didn’t see it. I said if he would have been watching the film he wouldn’t have seen Derek.
Movie: ended just after hair cuts.

4th hour:
Aaron was sitting in the back
Movie stopped just after hair cuts

5th hour. Jameka, (this is funny b/c this girls name is NOT Jameka, she just told the sub that was her name and yes, she did get in trouble by me, for that!) came in, didn’t sit until I asked, I told her to sit, she did, but not to watch film, to draw and jingle her bracelets. She walked in front of everyone to get scotch tape., I asked her to go in back of room, she didn’t (apparently she is comma happy here). She talked. I asked her to sit in the hall, or she could go to the counselor – she chose counselor David moved to the seat near the door. I had him move to the front and told him to be the last one out. (OOOOH).

6th hour:
4 people were punching others (WHAT) (Not hard but adefinite) (I don’t know what adefinite means either) Tryon- chris- matt-punch Kristin. Bryan – gum
Justin (I don’t have a student named Justin so I have no clue what or who she is talking about here) got a note for her to go to that person after school (who is that person?) She said she couldn’t and would get in trouble. I let her got at 1:47 she returned at 2:02. The rest of the students did well. All in all I had a good day. I enjoy these older students. Movie: Ended where escape was being plotted (my poor students wanted to escape too).

I'm glad I dug it out of the trash b/c I was having a VERY BAD day and this made me laugh!


Ashley said...

OMG!!! I hate missing work for that reason!! Subs should have to go to a class before they can work in schools:)

Just Another Infertile said...

What a crazy sub. I LOL at the part where she taped the three staples on the note. My favorite subs are the ones who tell me my class was fine and save me drama I can't fix the next day anyway. Those are the ones I call again. I hate the ones who bitch. You're a sub. What do you expect?

Lillie Jones said...

Gotta love smart people. I am pretty sure we only hire crazy subs for my district.