Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It probably tasted better...

Before I dropped it on the floor. This is last night's dinner. Chicken noodle casserole is very good, but only when it stays in the pan and doesn't get dumped all over the floor.

"Mommy, Why'd you do that for?" No, really, that's what she said.

This picture is just because I think I have the cutest little girl in the world. :) She poses EVERY time we get the camera out!

But the INSTANT Zach walked in the door last night Bailey said, "Daddy, mommy dropped lunch!" She said it as if I meant to do it. She is such a little tattle tale! It was really funny!
So, "daddy" took us to Delta Cafe for the 2 for $12.99 meal. Bailey ate salad which she refers to as leaves and dip. Then, we had to go get some food for Benji. Poor Benjamin ran out of food and was happy to have some last night.


Kami said...

Why did you do that mommy?? LOL She is too cute for words.


Kajal Maharaj said...

She is adorable and so photogenic.

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