Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, here is another late post...

We finally received word on Monday afternoon that the appraisal on our house was just fine. So, we are scheduled to close on the 31st. We have basically moved most of our things into Zach's parents house. I'm SO excited to be able to pay some things off but I am sad to leave my first home. Zach doesn't know this but when we got back from our honeymoon and cleaned up all of our gifts from the wedding, I made us our very first meal in that house and I took a picture of it. Sorry I don't have it right now to post. We brough Bailey home from the hospital in that house and it was our first place. However, the stress of our debt really weighs heavily on me and getting it paid off is going to be SO great! So far things are not bad at all out here. Bailey has a MUCH bigger play room and it's crazy how much you can live without when all you have is a bedroom and a bathroom, lol. I'll try to update more often.
Until next time,


Ashley said...

Thinking of you Mel!! ((HUGS))

Just Another Infertile said...

It must be hard to leave your first house behind. Sounds like this is the best move for you. I have been renting/owning the same condo for over 10 years. I had no idea I'd be here this long. This is the place where I first met my DH and (I pray) the first place we'll bring our daughter home.

Just think of all the new memories you will make in your new house someday.