Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lack of posts

I apologize for my lack of posts. Every weekend we pack up and "move" to Zach's parents house. I guess we haven't really had a lot going on to blog about. Our 4th was firework~less. It rained. My mom and dad came over to Zach's mom and dad's as usual. We always all get together for the 4th and have lots of fun. Since my parents live an hour and a half away they don't stay for the fireworks anyway and since it rained Saturday night and the ones the neighbors set off were totally freaking Bailey out, we didn't buy any anyway.

We are STILL waiting on the appraisal to be set up on our house. We are still set to close on July 31st. However, we have packed NOTHING but Bailey's closet. Yes, I got it ALL cleaned out and have SO many tubs of clothes she has outgrown it is not even funny. I took pictures but I'm not posting them because who really wants to see a closet FILLED with a bunch of tubs. But, I have them labeled and ready for the move. We still don't know if we will build or buy. I personally am leaning towards buying because the neighborhood where we would build is a little farther out than I'd like to live. But, I haven't ruled out the possibility. I just want a new house!

We also found out this week that we WILL be getting our stipend in August. The school district tries to pay everyone a % stipend each year but this year we weren't sure if funds would be available. But, they were and together, we will get about 12 hundred! So, I was excited to hear about that.

In other news, Bailey is COMPLETELY obsessed with "Mok" (milk). She CONSTANTLY asks for it. I'm like DUDE! Where are you putting all of this milk? I don't give her more than a few cups a day but she would drink it ALL the time if I let her. I, personally hate milk so I'm glad she likes it. I hope she continues to like it because I know it's good for her. Believe me, my child is NOT lacking calcium. She has her 18 month check-up and shots on Monday. It was supposed to be this past Monday but I forgot and had to call and re-schedule. They usually call to remind us but since it was a holiday we missed each other. I am really nervous about this set of shots. She is supposed to get her MMR. For all of you mom's or soon to be, you have probably heard that the MMR is sometimes associated with Autism. You will hear BOTH sides from different people. Some believe that YES, most definitely the shots caused their child's autism and others (mostly physicians) believe the shots are unrelated to Autism. However, I used to work at a place that helped kids with Autism and the common reason of all the parents was that it was the MMR. Recently, Zach's mom told us about a little boy she used to babysit who was COMPLETELY fine until his 18 month check up when he had his shots. He has now been diagnosed with Autism. So, I'm just unsure what I want to do. We asked to have her shots split up and they said it was fine but now I'm told they don't make them that way anymore. So, we are debating.

Also, tomorrow is my and Zach's 4th anniversary. We were going to stay in a hotel but we decided to use the money to go to the Casino or dinner, or something fun. We are actually going to leave Bailey overnight with his mom. I am not worried about her but it is just so sad to leave her. I've never left her before! Since she was born, I have spent EVERY night with her. For 549 nights she has slept with us or in her room next to us. AHH! I just don't know if I can do it!


The Pifer's said...

I hope you and Zach have a very happy anniversary! I missed your post....:) love ya!

Just Another Infertile said...

Happy anniversary! Our four year mark will be next month. I can't believe you've never been away from Bailey for a night. Good for you! I don't know if I could do it. I think a night away every once in a while is what I would need. But what do I know? Easy for me to say before she gets here. Ask me again in a couple months. Try to enjoy your night though!

Ashley said...

Mel!! I missed your posts!! I hope you have a WoNDERFUL anniversary!!

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary! We got married on the exact same day 4 years ago! How cool! Crazy how time flys by! I agree that it would be hard to leave your child for the first time overnight. Hopefully you have a wonderful Anniversary!

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