Friday, November 19, 2010

Trip to the doctor

Yesterday, I had to go to my OB/Gyn. It was not a horrible visit since I didn't have to have an exam. But, I haven't had a cycle for 9 weeks. Yes, this has happened to me before and I was prescribed Pro.vera for 10 days to have a withdrawl bleed. I wasn't really sure what withdrawl bleed meant so I Dr. Googled it. Here is what I found out: Basically, a withdrawl bleed is what you have on the 4th week of your cycle when you take birth-control pills. It's not a TRUE period because you didn't ovulate (or shouldn't have with your birth control). Anyway, back to my visit from yesterday. So, I went in, stood on the dreadful scale (which wasn't so dreadful since I've lost 20 pounds) and had a chat with the doctor. She said that because of my severe PCOS the fact that I have lost 20 pounds is phenomenal! Yes, she used that word. She said for someone like me to be able to lose that much weight in 6 weeks is like losing 40 pounds for a normal person who doesn't have PCOS and pre-diabetes. was really happy to hear that. She also said that women who suffer with this condition need to think of their bodies like little compact cars. I was really confused at first because she said I have "super metabolism." WHAT? I thought i had NO metabolism. She explained that my body doesn't need much food to survive. Just like little compact cars don't need much gas to go a long distance. She said I will always struggle to lose weight :( BOO! But that if I only eat 900-1000 calories per day instead of 1500 like normal women my age, that will help. I'm also now on 1500 mg of Met PER DAY! Can you believe that? I'm SO lucky that I can take the 4 dollar generic and that the generic doesn't upset my stomach! I know so many of you who take met have to take the REAL stuff! UGH! And, the "Super Metabolism" thing means that when I eat something, my body works really fast to burn it off but gets "tired" before it can burn them all. SO, if I over eat even with exercise, my body will have a hard time burning those extras. So basically I need to be a bird forever if I want to be thin. Ok, here's the good news. As soon as I start my withdrawl bleed, she is going to call in some clomid. Now that I'm on 1500 mg of Met per day I am HOPING for a BFP soon. Zach wants another baby and said that I was the best mommy ever. He makes my heart happy. I would like to lose between 20-25 more pounds before I get pregnant but since I've lost 20 in 6 weeks, I'm hoping I can lose the other 20 in a couple more months. So, we will probably start trying in January! YEAH! My Bailey was SO good at the doctor yesterday! But, it is SO funny what goes on in her little mind! She thought that the blood pressure cuff was a puppy pee pee pad. I was laughing so hard when she asked why the nurse put a pee pee pad on my arm. HAHAHAHA!


The Anglin Family said...

I'm praying for your BFP. Losing weight is awesome..I know how hard it is.
I'm going to try very hard and be patient and hopefully in jan or feb I can try again. I will have to take daily blood thinners by inj if I do get preg again. I'm very anxious but terrified to have another.
You're in my prayers. Gods plan is perfect, I trust in that and He will answer your prayers!;)

twondra said...

Definitely praying for you! Keep us posted! (((HUGS)))