Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Her name...

Her name means Woman of Magdala. Which refers to Mary Magdalan in the bible.  The other meaning is Noble/Kind.  We are keeping her name a secret... for now. :)

Oh, and it's NOT Madalyn. :)

Still working on a middle name.  I still like Cate or Kate.  Daddy thinks it needs 2 syllables... Daddy's are silly.   And, this name we picked out is not FOR SURE because daddy just can't agree to it when there are still 18 weeks left (Ok, I'm being optimistic that I only have 18 weeks left) :)


The Anglin Family said...

The only name I can think of is Madeleine..who knows lol..;) you know I am a huge fun of Kate or Cate. I have noticed that every child around here born lately has a double name with Kate. But I still love it;)

Rachel said...