Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miss. Anna

Every year (ok 5 of the 6 years I have worked at this school) we have gotten a staff tee shirt.  This year, Bailey got one too.  I guess there must have been extras becaue yesterday, there was on in my mailbox with a note that said "For Bailey".  Recently, Bailey got a school desk from her papa who works for a different school dstrict who did a lot of downsizing over the summer.  So, thus was born, Miss Anna:

 I'm not sure where she came up with the name Anna but that is what she calls herself when she plays teacher, or librarian. 
She was SO excited when I brought this shirt home to her.  She said "Now, I can be a teacher like mommy."  She loves to also play library and "cost" the books, haha.

And on a different note:
Last night we were at dinner out in PUBLIC and my child loudly asked:
"What's my other mom's name?"
"WHAT?" I said.  "You don't have 2 moms!  You have ONE mommy and ONE daddy, that is all!"
MY GOSH, what has my child seen or heard?

Also, from the picture it looks as though I don't actually let her play in the playroom.  I do, really!  I just try VERY hard to keep it tidy!

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The Anglin Family said...

Haha..that's hilarious. Hope there is no other mother;)
She's so cute;)