Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something Special

I was in the grocery store on Monday night and the FIRST person I saw was this adorable little Asian woman who was about 7 months pregnant.  Of course, who am I to guess how far along someone is.  I'm only 4 months and look about 10.  Either way, in that moment, I realized that there is something special about seeing a pregnant mommy and not feeling sorry for yourself because it's not you.  I felt so blessed in that moment to have this baby growing inside of me.  Even if I want to throw up every day and I have no energy.  I am still SO happy to have another baby and to give my daughter a sibling. 

Then, my heart hurt thinking about my friends who haven't experienced this but want to so badly.  Infertility is a sad reality for so many people and that makes me sad.  I pray for my friends and hope their babies come soon.

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