Friday, September 30, 2011

On Birth and Cloth Diapers

First of all, I hope not to offend anyone but I'm annoyed.  I HONESTLY do not understand people who want to have their babies at home or are SO obsessed with having a natural delivery.  It's really annoying.  There are definitely things I have done as a mom that go against the medical profession for normal!  For example, we did NOT have quad testing done on either of our babies.  WHY would I?  I guess if Zach or I had some disorder/disease that was harmful we might but I just don't find the extra worry necessary during pregnancy.  We also opted not to give Bailey ALL of her imunizations.  As teachers, we both work with autism every day.  It's never been 100% proven that immunizations cause Autism but I also wanted to do whatever I could to limit the chances of my child getting it.   This is also why I avoid ALL seafood (tuna included) when I am pregnant.  But, people who preach about having babies with no medication are just nuts!  If you don't HAVE to put your body through that then why do it?  I feel the same way about those cloth diaper freaks!  The ones who act like if you don't use cloth diapers then your baby will most certainly grow up with a never-ending butt rash.  I'm not saying either is wrong (cloth diapers or natural childbirth) I just get annoyed with those people who act like it's the ONE and ONLY option.


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I totally agree...I do understand that many moms do not want their babies to have drugs n their system when they come into the world. I totally get that and there is a proven link to pitocin and ADHD.
It is a woman's choice, same as how they want to parent.
I do think that you can have an "idea" of what you want, but ultimately, it's the baby's call at the end of the day! It is out of our control.