Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sister, puppy, and the 17 week bump

This is a video of Bridget chasing Bailey.  All you can hear is me talking and it's fuzzy from my not-so-awesome cell phone but still cute! :)

And this is the 17 W 2 D baby bump.  I have an undershirt on today so you can see the bottom of it which is why it looks a little funny.  (Oh, and I wanted to say that this is Bailey's mirror) :)  That's why it's so dirty!  She loves to look at herself, lol.


The Anglin Family said...

Video is not showing up!:(
Your belly looks cute! I'm on my way to dr. I'm so nervous, my BP is gonna be out the roof, ha!

twondra said...

Video isn't showing up for me either. :( You do look very cute. :)

Brooke said...