Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Appointment (update)

*UPDATE*:  The hospital called this morning and scheduled my gender ultrasound for Monday afternoon.  I am SERIOUSLSY excited!

I had another OB appointment yesterday at 3:30.  This was re-scheduled from last Friday's appointment that was supposed to be at 2:50 because my doctor was delivering a baby.  When I got there about 3:05 yesterday (yes, I'm anal about getting there early) they said "Oh, the doctor is over at the hospital doing a delivery, do you want to re-schedule or wait?"  I said that since this was already a re-scheduled appointment I wanted to wait.  I'm so glad I did!  The nurse went ahead and called me back took my vitals and weight UGH!  I was really scared but I've only gained 4 pounds and if you've seen my pictures I am huge!  So, that is good!  About 4:10 the doctor came back.  Since they had cancelled all of her other appointments I was first in line!  YAY!  Of course it was just a normal check-up.  But, Baby's heartbeat was 141.  And I asked her lots of questions about some strange symptoms I'm having and she said her guess is that baby is a boy and everything I'm experiencing is normal.  So that's good.  We also put in the referral for my big gender ultrasound and the nurse said I can do it next week if the hospital has any openings.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!! :)

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The Anglin Family said...

I wouldn't bank on the hb thing, LOL. My HB was always 140ish and my parents thought I was a boy. Although so far in my personal experience girls are higher. But my friend just had a boy and his was always in the 170s. I can't wait for you to find out!! I rescheduled my US for 8 tomm morning bc I couldn't find anyone to pick up my kids. Very nervous but excited!!!