Monday, September 12, 2011

Loving too hard

Poor Bridget doesn't stand much chance with Bailey.  I had NO idea what it would be like to keep Bailey from loving her too hard!  She carries her around by the neck sometimes.  I have visions of my 2 week old being pulled from it's crib and drug down the stairs by my 4 year old!  This is definitely a good teaching process for our girl.  I have done LOTS of explaining that Bridget is a baby and she has to be careful with her.  Yesterday Bridget fell off the ottomon.  Bridget isn't big enough to get on the ottomon by herself so I wonder how she got up there?...
I think this is payback for when my mom had my sister and I put her on the couch at 2 weeks old and told my mom she crawled!  And, I asked if we could flush my sister down the toilet when my mom and dad brought her hoe from the hospital!

Hopefully Bridget survives and so does my newborn in the hands of his/her sister!

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