Monday, September 26, 2011

17 weeks

No picture today.
I have been a little down because when the baby was still low in my pelvis I could almost always feel it moving around.  Now that it's moved about half-way up my belly I haven't been able to feel it for a week.  But this morning I have been able to feel it again and it's a WONDERFUL feeling.   We listen to little Estes every day and it's so funny because sometimes it will kick and you can hear it on the heart monitor even though I can't always feel it.  I also think it's very interesting (and maybe it's still coincidence) but I read that during this week the baby can start to hear voices and typically dad's first b/c it's deeper.  Yesterday while we were listening to it, Zach was talking to him/her and it REALLY started going nuts.  I couldn't feel it but you could really hear it kicking on the monitor.  I don't know how to explain what it sounds like unless you've used a fetal heart monitor before b/c it obviously doesn't sound like someone kicking a door down, lol.  It's more like a swooshing noise but it's very loud.  I can't wait until daddy and big sister can feel the baby move.  Bailey just LOVES that she is going to be a big sister and I am SO excited!  I will take a picture in my skirt tomorrow and probably post some pics of sister too.  I have a cute video of her playing with the new puppy and hopefully I can get it to load. 

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