Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Estes

*This post was created on Friday.  I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with my blog and now I can finally blog again (AND comment)* :)

I have been trying AND trying to post a blog for several days with no luck. But, that post will just have to be trashed anyway because... After the 3 scariest, most stressful, terrifying weeks of my life... Our baby is JUST fine! We FINALLY got to see the OB today. I was supposed to go on Monday but she cancelled 20 minutes before the appointment and they couldn't get us back in until today. Little Estes had a heart rate of 183 and measured 9 weeks (Sunday). I am BEYOND grateful to be almost out of the first trimester and past all the scary stuff! Apparently I ovulated late and HONESTLY, we just got lucky conceiving this baby! I know that's not true either. I know this baby was given to us by God and I'm beyond thankful! I FINALLY can rest easy and stop stressing. The ultrasound pictures are not that great. My doctor doesn't have nearly as good a machine as my old doctor but we got to hear the little heart and I had many tears.


EmilyB said...

I am just so glad and so thankful for a great outcome!! I tried really hard to be positive for you but honestly I was a little worried as well. SO GLAD baby Estes is healthy and growing!!!

The Anglin Family said...

I'm so thrilled for you!!