Friday, August 5, 2011

Can't keep a secret

On Tuesday, June 28th I found out FOR SURE that I was pregnant.  A week earlier, I had taken a test that did turn up positive but I HONESTLY thought (and it really may have been) it was an evap line.  But, on June 28th, I took a dollar tree test and it was positive almost immediately.  It did look kind of funny so I told Zach I would just go get another one just to be sure.  I went to the store and bought the GOOD ones.  If I was pregnant I wanted to be sure, and at this point, my period was  a week late so if I was pregnant it was going to show up and if not, it was time to start progesterone again to get it started. 
It was about 7PM when I got back from the store (which is literally about 2 blocks from our house).  I had JUST taken a test before I left for the store so I didn't think I would even have enough to take the test. (I don't know why I'm typing all of this except to just make sure I remember).  Anyway, I decided to use a cup and dip it.  I sat in shock as the first pink line showed up and then the other.  VERY dark and very fast.  I cried for a minute and then I walked out to the living room and showed my husband (who was ridiculously calm as I was pacing the house). 

Then, you know about all the scary stuff that happened after, I started bleeding, doctor told us the pregnancy wasn't viable, ER told us baby had an elongated sac instead of round, and then last Friday we were FINALLY shown our beautiful baby with it's perfect little heartbeat.  But... before all of this drama started we wanted to tell my parents.
My family lives in Arkansas and when I found out I was pregnant with Bailey, we told them over the phone.  I REALLY didn't want to do that again.  We knew they were coming on Friday night to watch a fireworks show with us so I vowed not to tell them until they got here.  I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets and this was HORRIBLY hard.  In fact, I avoided talking to my mom almost all week!  She later told me that she kept wondering why I hadn't called her.  Bailey has been taking dance this summer and every Wednesday night we would call my mom to tell her about it.  When they FINALLY arrived on Friday night I could hardly wait to tell them.  I made Bailey a big sister tee shirt and took her upstairs.  I don't know how he did it, but Zach told them to all come to the living room b/c Bailey wanted to jump out and scare them and that she was upstairs.  So, after what felt like eternity (maybe 2 mintues) they came to the living room and Zach texted me to bring Bailey downstairs.  She walked down in her shirt and the look on my mom and sister's faces were PRICELESS!  They both started crying and so did I!  It was one of the most special moments and I will definitely remember it forever!

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The Anglin Family said...

Glad you got such a special moment ;) only you plus 3 know my secret.:)