Tuesday, August 16, 2011

blogging lately

I don't blog much anymore.  I kind of don't see the point  now that I am on facebook all the time and all of Bailey's pictures are on there.  But, lately I haven't blogged b/c the only thing to blog about is the new baby and I am SO fearful for NO reason that something is going to or already has happened to the baby.  I'm afraid to even talk about it much.  I SO want this baby!  I know God blessed us with this baby and in my heart I really feel like I will be bringing home a baby near the end of February that is alive and healthy.  I have just really started to stress often about the well-being of this baby and it makes me SO sad becuase I can't bond with it and I even try to avoid most things baby.  That is so horrible.  At 8 weeks, the baby looked AWESOME with a great heartbeat and measuring right on time. I have NO bleeding and no cramping and I even feel some fluttering sometimes.  But, I'm only almost 12 weeks so I disregard that also.  I feel so robbed of enjoying this pregnancy b/c I was told to terminate at only 7 weeks.  I am getting HUGE and my regular clothes don't fit so I have NO reason to believe differently about the baby being fine.  I have another ultrasound on the 26th and until then, I pray for peace.


The Anglin Family said...

Hugs! Love ya! I feel bad, like maybe my issues are scaring you:((

Everything will be OK, think positive thoughts. Stressing yourself out makes things worse on your anxiety..:) Big HUGS!!!

The Anglin Family said...

And keep blogging!!:)))