Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make room for baby

So, I basically feel miserable most of the day.  I'm SO glad I've been off for summer break during the first part of this pregnancy.  But, we go back in less than 2 weeks and the husband has really been wanting to get the baby's room cleaned out before we go back.  It was quite the task that involved cleaning out the guest room closet (which is nice and big) in order to put the things from our office that need to be kept into the guest room closet.  Then, we had to move the office desk from the office (now nursery number 2) to the guest room.  Everything fits nicely and little one finally has his/her own space.  I'm SO glad we have this house.  When Bailey was born, we lived in a 3 bedroom and our guest room/office was only big enough for a twin bed and computer desk. Our new house guest room has a queen bed, large TV, and now, the computer desk. Baby's room only has a crib and my grandma's old rocking chair.  We noticed last night that the crib is broken :(  So, we have to get a new one.  Anyway, things are coming along and I just pray this baby is born healthy in about 28-29 weeks!

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