Thursday, April 28, 2011

Side Effects and Ailments

Yesterday I started what I would like to refer to as "The Pill Binge." It's not dangerous, it's just a "cocktail"-if you will of things I am taking to communicate with my ovaries that they need to start working PROPERLY! Here's the run down:

1 pre-natal vitamin (Morning)
3 500mg metformin (morning, noon, night)
3 1200mg Omega fish Oil (morning, noon, night)
1 clomid (before bed)
I will start the Guaifenesin on day 7 of my cycle (Sunday)
I will take 3 a day with my met.

Obviously, the clomid will only be for 5 days.

I feel ok except for my stomach. Metformin makes my stomach upset but only for a few days. The major side-effect is from the Nizoral I'm on for 4 days. I have a rash called

Tinea Versicolor (Below picture is EXTREME, mine is not nearly this bad!)

It looks pretty nasty but mine ONLY shows up at the base of my neck and under my right breast (Weird, huh)? Like I said, mine isn't nearly this bad but it does look like little raised red splotches. Anyway, the Nizoral is AWFUL! I only have to take it for 4 days. I do this about twice a year because according to the dermatologist, a lot of people have this but it never actually goes away. The nizoral is really strong and it makes me itch like CRAZY! I asked the pharmacist if it will effect my clomid and she looked it up and said no. The first time this rash showed up, I went to the dermatologist and he gave me Nizoral. But, he said DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! I laughed because we had been trying for so long that I knew I wasn't pregnant. Good thing I waited though! Because, I was! So, I went 9 months of pregnancy with this ugly rash but I didn't care! So, anway, the pharmacist said the Nizoral has no effect on clomid or what it can do for me which is good because believe me, I would NOT take it if it did.

I also have severe scoliosis. So, I have chronic back pain. I try REALLY hard not to complain about it but sometimes I just can't help it. So I take prescription Naprosen (which I also can't take when I get pregnant) again, I'll deal with it. The scoliosis itself does not hurt. Bones don't have nerves. What hurts is where the bones are laying. My spine looks like a backwards S. The top curve is 35 degrees and the bottom is between 52-54. At 55 degrees they HAVE to do surgery. The reason they didn't want to do it when I was younger is because the doctor in Little Rock (who is supposed to be the best in the nation, and I loved him) said that your bones don't stop growing until you are 25. He also recommended I have all my babies before I have the surgery. Well, of course I thought that would have already happened by the time I was 29! Anyway, I will deal with it. Probably for the rest of my life. At this point, we can't afford the surgery and the doctor here in Tulsa is a total jerk!! I wrote about him here.

Anyway, hoping, hoping, hoping for 2 lines @ the end of May! :)

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The Anglin Family said...

I'm on your team..praying and cheering for you!!! Oh, mylanta..the rash stinks. I itch when im pregnant..I'm glad that pic is not you..bc I thought it was at first and I flipped..
Geez I used to work for orthopedic. They can be soooo rude and high and mighty. Ick.
I'm praying your cocktail works for you!!!
My period should come on Saturday. If it does, it does. I will not pee on a stick early. I'm done with that. If it doesn't happen, it will be awhile before I can try. Scotty is leaving tomm for fayetteville. He's going back to work.