Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Bailey just got off of a 10 day antibiotic on Friday. Yes, Friday, April 1st. Today, I sent her with her Memaw back to the doctor (today was just one of those days I could not miss work). Luckily, I started calling right at 8 when they open. I got her an appointment for 9:30 with the doctor that I really like. She goes to a pediatric clinic and we just always let her see whomever is available. There is only one doctor there that I don't care much for and today she got to see the one the we both like. Anyway, she had been on antibiotics for an ear infection. Today, when she woke up she had a fever of almost 100 and was coughing a lot so I decided we better go back. Guess what? She has ANOTHER ear infection. This time, it's so bad they also gave her drops because they said she has got to be in pain. She's such a tough girl, she hasn't complained of her ears hurting at all. Anyway, she's now on a different antibiotic, robitussin, tylenol/motrin, and pain drops for her little ears. She has to go back on the 20th and if things do not improve, they are recommending a tonsillectomy!!!! :( Granted, Zach and I have both had one and I know it's common procedure but the thought of my little baby being put under anesthesia is heartbreaking to me! Not to mention a sore throat when it's over. So, I'm hoping and praying her ears clear up and the swelling in her tonsils go down. This is a hard time for mama and daddy too. We hate it so much when she is sick. :(


The Anglin Family said...

Prayers for Bailey!!!! Laiken was constantly sick. The tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy really helped. She was about 3.
Hope the poor baby gets to feeling better:(

Just Another Mother said...

Poor Bailey! Hope she gets some relief soon. That is interesting about the tonsillectomy. I thought they used that as a last resort these days. Although, I did have one myself in the 4th grade and I was a different child after. I hardly got sick anymore. So if they can do the same for Bailey at three then all the better!