Monday, April 11, 2011

sick, shopping, sun

As you know, Bailey has been sick. She finally finished round 2 of antibiotics yesterday. She is feeling much better today but in the evenings she is still very cranky and tired earlier than normal. It was a tiresome weekend even though it was fun. Friday afternoon I left work an hour early because Zach's mom called and said Bailey was really not feeling well and she wanted me. Normally, I wouldn't leave work early (it's hard when you are a teacher because someone has to cover your class) but since she was sick and we had an extra sub in the building I went home. She was exhausted by the time I got there so I put her down for a nap and about an hour in, my phone rang and that was the end of that. UGH! Saturday, I took her to Tar.get and bought her some new clothes. She looks SO cute in her new dresses. I also bought her some spray bottles which she thinks are for spraying everything from the television to the walls. So, they have now become outside toys! Sunday we got some sun. Zach's dad is in town and we had lunch at his grandma's house. It turned into a family reunion! Literally, I have never seen that many people at that house at one time! It was absolutely crazy! The house is small and they only have one bathroom so we wound up sitting outside for a couple hours. I'm a little pink today but I tan pretty well and I feel good getting a little color on this fat white skin! Last night Zach's dad and step-mom brought the Tangled movie over for Bailey and it was really cute. I definitely want to watch it again! We take princess back to the doctor on the 20th. Hopefully her ears are clear but if not, we'll be going to an ENT.

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