Friday, April 15, 2011

I hate you CH.ASE B.ANK!

I called B.ank today (oh and by the way, I always wondered why people put spaces and dots between words, then I realized it's because if someone does a search for ba.nk without the dots on and I hadn't put the dots in, then my blog would be one of the search items and since I am NOT ch.ase ba.nk I really don't want to come up as a search for them) :) Anyway, I called them this morning because I made our house payment on the 8th. On the 11th it cleared our bank. Today, we got a notice from them saying that they have not received our mortgage payment. UGH! I also have the receipt from the branch where I went to pay it (and have been paying it this way for 5 months now). So, I call them and of course I get their HELLISH automated system. it takes 3 minutes to get to the end of the automated system. At which, they ask for my zip code. When I type it in THREE times it says it's not recognized. Funny they didn't have any problem recognizing my social! So, I finally look up a different phone number for them and have to pretend I am someone looking to buy a new home in order to avoid putting in all of my personal info. (Oh, and by the way, this is AFTER I have been hung up on by the automated system SIX times because they don't recognize my zip code). So, I finally get through to an English speaking person (which is a big deal) and she transfers me to customer service since you can't talk to customer service through the customer service number, go figure). The wait time is 9-15 minutes. YAY! I get to now stay on hold to wait to talk to someone about this issue. After 13 minutes someone (non-American) answers the phone. I have a very hard time understanding him and he tells me that our payment was received but they applied it to March b/c that payment was never received. Then I have to explain that is not true because in March we received the e-mail saying thank you for your payment and I even have that returned check from the bank to prove the payment was made. Then he says well, that's because your March payment took care of February when you didn't pay. SO, I go on to explain that I have statements from EACH month we have lived in our house showing that we have not missed a payment. he says, ok, let me put you on hold and I will see what is going on. Then... after 25 minutes, I get disconnected. He FREAKING HUNG UP ON ME! So, I called Husband who is home today and told him what happened. Hopefully we get this straightened out! It's so frustrating that we have done nothing wrong and now they send us a letter threatening to take my house. Seriously! As if you don't have other people who have missed months of payments and you are threatening to take my house over one missed payment which wasn't even missed! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! That is why I hate you CH.AS.E B.AN.K! Forever, you are on my hate list! FOREVER!


Penny1215 said...

I hate all banks! They are immoral, care only for themselves, pieces of you know what! IMO anyways!! That is sad to say since I used to be a teller at SunTrust. The thing is when you work for one, you learn first hand how horrible they are. Almost all bankers assume that people who miss payments or accidently get overdrawn are bums! Of course, that is not even nearly true, but I guess it helps them to feel better about what they do if they look at it like that! Although, it was def the most cushy job I've ever had!! Lol...besides the one I've got now! Stay at home Mom is hard, but it's the best!

Just Another Mother said...

That sucks Melody! I hate dealing with things like that.

And thank you for clearing up why people put periods in the middle of words in their blogs. I have been wondering. . . :)

The Anglin Family said...

Chase is the WORST. Trust me, over the last year, they have lied to me..
It has been a nightmare!!! So sorry dear!!!!