Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Know it all!

Well, the appointment with the orthopedic doctor didn't go as planned (or at least as I had planned). Also, did you know that they spell Orthopedic, ORTHOPAEDIC??? Zach and I were both thinking 'are we morons?' "Is that really how you spell it?" Apparently it's the "FORMAL" spelling...
Anyway, Dr. P was REALLY rude to me! Maybe I'm overly sensitive but I left crying and wanted to hit someone! Zach didn't understand how or why I was feeling that way but I've been to So many doctors and I just want this fixed!

So, I'll start at the beginning. In 5th grade I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). My mother took me to all kinds of doctors and specialists to find out what we could do. I had it a lot worse than anyone else in my family. To make a long story short, ALL of the doctors said it was too bad for a brace, but not quite bad enough for surgery. They said if it started to hurt to come back and see them.


So, my scoliosis specialist (whom I LOVED) in Little Rock recommended that I come see Dr. P here in Tulsa since I don't live in Arkansas anymore.

Dr. P thinks he is God (I think).
He was so mean! First, I explained to him why I was there. I guess he didn't like my explanation because he put his hand up in my face and told me I skipped like 3 years! NO, I said, I didn't see anyone for that amount of time! Then, he questioned me about being a diabetic. I said "I'm NOT diabetic, I had gestational diabetes and I have fertility problems which is why I take Metformin." I guess he didn't believe me b/c he put that I am diabetic on my chart. I said... (not that he really needed to know this) DH and I tried for a long time to have a baby. I don't have regular cycles and Met is prescribed to regulate them! Then he went on and on to tell me what Met is "actually" for. I said "I know, (about to cry at this point) but my gyno gave it to me so that I will ovulate! (again, none of his freaking business). There were several other things he did that upset me but I will spare you! I will say, though, that I think it is completely awful to LAUGH at a patient!

Ok, so now I'm rambling at all of my bloggy friends... sorry.

The outcome:
Please go have an MRI and come back to see me!
Oh, and you're obese so try to lose some weight.

I can't have an MRI right now (I can but I am choosing not too). It was going to cost over 800 dollars WITH my AWESOME insurance and I really do have good insurance. So, hints my "weightloss" blog. I am going to get some weight off and see if I feel better.

In other news,
Bailey's one year check-up is today. Time for the dreaded MMR. I hate when she gets shots! But, I watched "Private Practice" last night and I'd rather my child NOT have measles either! I'll let you know how it goes. She normally does well with her shots... nothing a little milk won't cure :)


Lillie Jones said...

Doctors can be such know it alls! I watched Private Practice too. I am really scared of autism, but that seemed a lot scarier. Vaccinations for us!

Emily said...

I can't stand doctors like that. Is there anyone else you might be able to see instead? I CANNOT believe that he wrote down on your chart that you are diabetic when you are NOT!! UGH! Sorry. Hope you feel better soon!!

Ashley said...

I cannot STAND doctors like that!! No one should be treated like that. Good luck with the weightloss. I don't necessarily "diet" but I watch what I eat and eat 6 times a day. I do the "Bodyforlife" method. They have a website and a I really like it because you actually get to eat!! I hope you have a great weekend!

Mimi said...

Oh honey, I hope you feel better soon. I'm sorry you are in pain.


Just Another Infertile said...

First of all, I read your post before that this one and it brought tears to my eyes again (darn hormones)! I loved the invitation. It was so sweet.

Your doctor sounds like an ass (sorry). Some doctors are so locked into their specialties that they can't see the forest through the trees. They know nothing about any other part of the body. Are you forced to see him because of your insurance? I'm sorry your back has been hurting. I hope Dr. Ass can help you, even if his bedside manner does suck.

I've got to catch up on Private Practice and other shows this weekend. I've been going to bed at 8:00!