Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK, why did I let all of these papers pile up? Oh, how I love my job and HATE grading papers! I took a whole stack home over my long weekend and graded ONE class! Haha, isn't that how it goes!

Also, this morning my back hurt SO bad that I was literally FREAKING out looking for my medicine. Thank God Zach went to get my meds yesterday b/c I was out. THANK YOU ZACH! But this morning I couldn't find them. I felt like a freakin drug addict looking for them even though it's just a high dose of aleve. I must have slept wrong last night because I thought I was in labor this morning with all the pain and I'm not even pregnant! Anyway, I took a pill and felt better (but still not good). I feel bad b/c my back hurts all the time. It's like my one MAJOR ailment and it tends to control part of my life. I wish I knew what was wrong. At least I'm losing weight and the pain may end sooner because of it.

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