Monday, January 19, 2009

Is this my skin?

My skin is SO dry! I hate it! I use baby oil in the shower and lotion when I'm out of the shower. I still feel itchy! Anyone recommend a good lotion... and remember we have no money so it needs to be cheap. The wind in Oklahoma is NUTS. Bailey's little face is chapped too. EERR!
I wish this didn't happen!

~not-so-patiently awaiting spring!

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Mimi said...

What I do is put baby oil everywhere and lay a towel down on the ground. I will keep the oil on for about five minutes while brushing my teeth and picking my nose!!! LOL kidding, then I lightly wipe it off. I haven't had any problems. Other than that, roll in a tub full of mayo and whip cream.... gross, kidding!!! LOL