Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing, really

Nothing new to report. I'm just bored. Bailey eats peanut butter now! I KNOW, I KNOW, they aren't supposed to have it until they are between 2 and 4. But, she's fine. She loves it and it's better for her than vanilla wafers! So, that's what she gets for snacks (SOMETIMES). I made potato salad last night (don't worry I didn't eat any of it... for those of you following the diet blog). But, Bailey acted like it was chocolate cake or something. First, she used her fork, then she just dug in! Have you ever had to clean potato salad off of a baby? ICK! I'll post pictures when I get home. I didn't bring the new camera to work to be stolen by an 8th grader. :)


Karen said...

Hey Melody, Your little Bailey is so beautiful, such a cutie. I have never made potato salad but it sounds yummy. I really don't like to cook but I do from to time, ha!!! My husband does alot of the cooking, he cooks & I clean up. It works for us. I was reading back at some of your old post & I'm so sorry that doctor was so rude to you thats so awful. Doctors are suppose to be there to help you, not make you cry & feel like a morna. Good luck on your weight lose. I belive you can do it, just take one day at a time that way it won't seem so over whelming. And I will be praying for you too. Jessica M's mommy= Karen Barnes

Ashley said...

FSH=follicle stimulating hormone
Hope all is well!! Have a great week...it's almost FRIDAY;)

The Pifer's said...

Hey love, I couldn't find your email address on my home computer, but I wanted to let you know AF came this morning. I am home today, cramping horribly...I will update my blog later today and be on the computer later today.

Emotionaly I am ok right now, my lovely cramps are doing a good job at keeping my mind off of the big picture...I really did prepare myself for this.

Anyways, this means I will be on this low carb diet with you sweetie! :o) So I will need all sorts of details of every little thing I can eat haha!

Love you lots and I will talk to you later!

Mimi said...

I'm picturing the potato salad right now and though it isn't cake, your little girl would look cute with anything on her!!! She's a doll!