Friday, January 16, 2009

Pet peeve~SOCKS

I understand that I am NOT the perfect parent. I need to learn from my mistakes as any parent does. However, the "mistake" which I will write about today is one that I would like to prevent you from ever making in the first place. I call it... STUPIDITY!

Bailey was born in Januray so from day ONE she has had socks on! If you ever see a picture of her without socks (ie. her birthday pics) it's because I intentionally allowed them to be taken off for a short time. It actually was 75 degrees the day of her party. She NEVER takes them off by herself because she is so used to wearing them. Now, I can't say she has never tried. Sometimes she likes to try to kick them off in the car (we wear socks religiously, shoes, she won't keep on). Anyway, back to what I was saying. I keep socks on B ALL the time. ALL summer she wore socks! When we would visit Zachs mom the first thing she would do is take little B's socks off! It really bugged me but I knew since it was summer I needed to lighten up!

The other day, I was at wal-mart. Does EVERYONE understand that it is JANUARY right now? It's NOT hot outside. This woman had her TINY baby in his carrier with NO blanket and NO socks! I absolutely HATE that. Why can't people keep socks on their babies? I just don't understand? Do you wear flip-flops when it's 40 degrees outside? I didn't think so! I also will say that Bailey has been VERY healthy. She's had a mild cold twice and NO ear problems. I'm not saying it's ALL because of the socks, but I will say that I think it helps.

SO... to all of my newly pregnant friends, and all of my ttc friends, PLEASE promise me that your babies will wear socks... AT Least in the winter! :)


The Pifer's said...

I Tiffany so solemnly swear that when I conceive and when I have a baby, that I will always keep socks on my baby and esp. in cold weather. ;o)

Emily said...

I agree!

Ashley said...

That's funny!! It also makes me mad when I see that sort of thing...I often wonder how some people become parents...but that's a different story!! have a great weekend:)

Mimi said...

I Kami, swear to keep socks on my baby/babies just as long as they don't constantly take them off!!! LOL LOL Too cute!


Just Another Infertile said...

That's funny! I'll stock up on socks someday.

I like the socks that look like shoes. Does Bailey have any of those?