Monday, January 26, 2009

A Meaningful post

Ok, I thought I would share some meaningful information this morning since I haven't in a while. First of all, Bailey is COMPLETELY off the bottle! YEAH. She took to her sippy cup JUST fine and doesn't even need a "night~night" bottle. She gets a cup of milk before bed but no more bottle! Here is my recommendation for this... We used Nuk bottles with her. They are expensive (I won't lie) 12 dollars for 3!!! But, when Bailey was born she didn't like to stick her tongue out so the doctor recommended NUK bottles. The cool thing is, the NUK sippy nipples fit ON the Nuk bottles. Now, you can't buy NUK sippy nipples by themselves (or at least I have not found them anywhere). And, again, NUK sippy's are 6 bucks a piece.

Here is how to beat the cost!

Gerber makes NUK and Gerber and Good Start Formula have now joined to form a bigger company. Good Start is SUPER great about giving big formula discount coupons. For all of my ttc friends, or friends with babies, this is a GREAT idea...

Go to the Goodstart website and sign up for their coupons. They will send you SEVERAL 12.00 off formula coupons and coupons for NUK bottles. You CAN buy the sippys with the bottle coupons!

The Catch... they will ONLY send you coupons through your baby's 4 1/2 month "birthday" for formula (they send sippy and paci coupons until your baby is 2). So, here is what I recommend. Go to the website, sign up for the coupons but put in your babys birthday as a month from NOW. This way, even if your baby is a few months old you will receive ALL of the coupon offers.

The other GREAT thing, these coupons sell like CRAZY at THIS website. So, if your baby doesn't need them or if you are just needing to make a few bucks, this is great for you to do as well! Zach and I have saved SO much money on formula like this. Plus I signed up my mom, sister, friend... for coupons :)

It only takes a valid e-mail and mailing address. Also, I recommend signing up for Similac and Enfamil coupons. Then, you can trade with people or sell away. This REALLY will save you money! I think Zach and I probably paid full price for about 5 cans of formula during Bailey's first year. We probably used, 150 cans!


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