Monday, May 2, 2011

Testing, pictures, clomid

My students are taking their end of year state tests today and tomorrow. Even though we still have another MONTH of school left, UGH! This gives me time to clean up my desk (which I haven't even started yet, ha). It also means I don't have a lot to do for the next couple days so I thought I could write a little blog.

I also thought that since I am not so good about it anymore, I would post a few pictures of my little girl! This is the moment she realized the Easter Bunny just left a present on the front porch.

These are my parents :)

Isn't it funny how the first month or so of your child's life you have like 1000 pictures and by the time they are 3 you only take about 100 pictures per year, lol. That's why I only have 2 pictures here. That's ALL I got from Easter. OOPS!

I finished my Clomid last night YAY! I'm being very positive about all of this. I'm SO glad I looked it up and asked some of you when I should take it. Mostly just one of you, but you know who you are ;). I realized that I was counting the first day of my cycle as the first day I actually had a major flow. So, in reality, I was starting my clomid more like day 8 instead of day 5. This times I started on day 3, counting day one as the FIRST day of spotting. The other thing I really liked about it is that my period was really short! Hopefully I gave my body enough time to prepare follicles this month. I just don't want to ovulate late because Bailey's surgery is on day 15 and Zach's moms surgery is on day 14 so that means we could run into a little issue. But, I'm trying not to worry about that.

Here's the other thing, I take a pre-natal vitamin every morning but for the past week I have this HORRIBLE taste in my mouth. I'm also really nauseated from the fish oil and metformin so the only things that taste good are spicy foods. I think I need some potassium so I might buy a few bananas after work.

I was up ALL night last night wondering how we are going to live on 700 dollars for the next 3 weeks. This means we have 700 dollars left over after the bills are paid to buy groceries/gas/entertainment, etc. But, I realized how silly I am being. Some people don't have a house, a job, a car, and some people HONESTLY do just scrape by. At least we have money left over after we get paid. It's sometimes not a lot but I think my biggest frustration is that we let our savings account go from 2000 to nothing! Well, not nothing. All said and done, probably about 500 will be in there for summer. Still, that's 500 more than we had last summer. I know where our money goes. ENTERTAINMENT! We spend WAY too much money on unnecessary things. So, if we didn't do that, we would still have tons of money. How funny is it that we will actually save money when I get pregnant because we won't go out all the time (I know how tired I will be).

Anyway, things are going to be ok. My blog is not supposed to be sad and complain(y) all the time :) I really am a happy person! Just a happy working mama, wanting another baby!


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The Anglin Family said...

And there's pictures!! Haha, I feel the same way!!:)
I am going NUTSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It still never came but I got a negatory.
I have not been late since Ryan was born. No signs of it and I am starting to wonder if my PCOS was back with a vengeance. Maybe I need metformin again. Why have I had 28 day cycles for once in my life and now I skip it. Ugggghh. I was rather excited when it didn't come but now I'm just mad. If it ever comes I'm going back to Clomid. Screw it.
I am glad you didn't wait to take it bc really it could make all the difference.:)) I'm praying for you, my friend!!!!!