Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things they say

They... kids.

I got a phone call yesterday while I was at work. I couldn't talk long because my students were taking their state reading test. When I answered the phone this is what I heard:
"Mommy, bring me some waffles, I love you, bye!"
Uh, ok. I wasn't really sure what to think. So, on my way home I called the husband and asked if I still needed to bring waffles home. About the time the words came out of my mouth I heard "Daddy, mommy is bringing me some raspberry waffles when she comes home." So, at least I had my answer but, where do you get raspberry waffles? So, we convinced her that plain would be best and she ate 2 for dinner last night, haha!

This morning, I got a phone call from my M-i-l. She relayed this conversation that she and Bailey just had:

Mil: "Bailey, you need to put some shoes on so that Memaw can go to the pool store."
B: "Um, NO I am not putting shoes on, I am going to wear my ballerina shoes."
MIL: "That's fine but you need to go upstairs and get them."
B: "Memaw! I told you 4 times, I am NOT wearing shoes! I am wearing my ballerina slippers and I am NOT going upstairs to get them, YOU go get them, and SHUT UP!"
MIL: "Bailey, you will not talk to me like that. If you want your shoes, go get them."

Eventually, Bailey went upstairs to get her shoes. I'm sure the punishment she received for yelling and saying shut up was mild considering that my MIL couldn't even tell me the story without hysterically laughing. It is kind of funny to hear a 3 year old talk like that. It's my fault too! Zach and I constantly joke around and I always wind up saying "Shut-up" to him. I don't ever mean it the way that Bailey makes it sound. What am I gonna do with that girl!?

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The Anglin Family said...

haha just wait!!!:))

Brooke said...

Too cute! I am going to be in lots of trouble once Landon decides to talk (well, make sense of his words)!