Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovery is not

Bailey is miserable. We are now 3 days past surgery so I'm calling this day 4. The doctor says that things generally get really bad between days 5-7. I honestly can't imagine it getting worse. This morning, she was so weak she couldn't walk downstairs by herself and I had to carry her. She holds her saliva in her mouth and I Have to remind her to swallow. The first day was great, she drank, played, and acted semi-normal. Since then, things have progressively gotten worse. I'm praying that today is the worst day. I'm so scared of her being put back in the hospital. She's already lost 3 pounds. I know a lot of people don't read this, but if you do, PLEASE PLEASE pray! I feel like that's all I do is sit and pray for her to drink and take her medicine. I feel extremely guilty for doing this to her and I know in the end it is for the best. Just please pray that my little girl gets rehydrated and doesn't have to be hospitalized!


The Anglin Family said...

Well I read. And I pray. So sorry she's having a rough time!!!!!! Laiken did was miserable. But it does get better. I am praying!!!!!

Rachel said...

I'm still praying.

I'm sure that you've tried everything. Have you tried shlush? take some of her very favorite juice and freeze it in a shallow pan after a few hours scrape it with a fork. & re-freeze repeat several times times till you get a nice fluffy consistency... This dissolves more than has to be swallowed. My husband loved that stuff when he had his surgery a few years ago...and yes he was better a few days and it got worse again when the "scab" came off...ewe I know...

And if the cold stuff irritates her then try things at room temp.