Friday, August 20, 2010


I am WORN OUT! I LOVE my job. I'm super excited to be back at school, back on a routine, back to having my baby run to me like she hasn't seen me for a week when I get home from school. TODAY, school started! Today, the flow should come, but she hasn't. Are we surprised? Everyone say it with me... NO! I'm always late, never early :). But really, I'm so happy right now. Happy to be on a schedule, happy that paychecks will soon be back in our lives, happy to meet my little girl every day when I get home (oh, I think I already said some of that). Anyway, what I really wanted to blog about...

last night, Zach worked late. When he got home I was talking to him and noticed that Bailey REALLY needed a diaper change. So, I just took it off right there while we were talking (she's been doing pretty good (ok, great actually for grandma) going potty in her potty) but, she does NOT do so great for me. Anyway, back to this drawn out story that should have only been one sentence. After I took her diaper off I continued talking to Zach about school and his day. Little did I know that Bailey would be running back to me a few minutes later, screaming, "Mommy, I pooped on the floor!"

Yeah, I'm that tired and that out of it. Even though the kids didn't come to school until today, we've been working all week. It was a teachable moment for mommy. Next time I will make sure to re-diaper her naked tush!


The Anglin Family said...

I'M praying for you! I hope this is your month!!
You should take a test. I have never cramped more than I have right before this bfp and during this pregnancy. So maybe it's a good sign!
And we all have those exhausted moments..teaching is an exhausting job! I don't know if I could do it.

twondra said...

I hope it's a good sign. :) I hope you get some energy soon!!!