Sunday, August 22, 2010

The day AF showed up.

Would be today. I'm ok. Thanks for thinking of me. I really wanted an April baby. REALLY! But, I also really need to lose at least 40 pounds. As big as I am, that won't take long. Maybe if I start exercising we'll get our little bundle. I'm sad, but I took a "happy" pill today (I went off of them when I thought I could be pregnant) so I think that is helping me "cope" today.

Hugs to all of you and thank you for your prayers.


Brooke said...

Oh I am so sorry AF showed up. When we were TTC with Landon I started working out and the next month I got my BFP! Working out has so many just makes you feel better all around(physically, emotionally, sexually ;)
Do you use OPK's(ovualtion predictor kits)? You can get them here...
I used to think I was Ovulating around a certain CD, but after using these I was WRONG!
Good Luck! I will be thinking about you.

The Anglin Family said...

I'm gonna keep praying for you. It took me a year after our loss, but only two months on clomid. Try another cycle. It'll happen:) I'm sorry you're sad. I know the feeling. I can say I think my biggest help was the preseed and mucinex. Plus I think it's good to keep trying even after you think you've ovulated.
I've got ya in my prayers!!

Just Another Mother said...

I'm sorry Melody. That's so hard. Praying for you next time.

Ashley said...