Friday, August 27, 2010


We don't get paid until Sept. 10 and haven't had any paychecks since July 10. Yeah, I know! I sucks! Needless to say, things are VERY tight, more than tight! We won't be caught up for a while even after we get paid. Usually, one of us gets a paycheck on Aug 25th because school starts before Aug 15th. But, this year we didn't start until the 18th so no paychecks in August. Also, we usually get a stipend in August that equals almost a full paycheck for each of us. but, this year because there have been SO many budget cuts at the schools, we didn't get that either. I am STRESSED! The only good thing that has come from this is that I feel like we have really had to work together, we have BOTH had to be aware of our financial situation and we have had to rely on each other not to over spend. That's really hard for me (not over spending but not worrying about how much will be spent) I always worry about how much we have or don't have. But we have done ok. And, I'm thinking by the time we get our first October paycheck we should be all caught up and doing ok again. But, it's hard. Cooking almost every night and not being able to eat out when I'm tired, it's hard. Not being able to go do anything b/c everything costs money. It is NOT fun. But, yesterday I had a little blessing. I checked my mailbox when I got to school and there was an envelope in there. Inside I found a blank piece of paper and a wal-mart gift card for $50.00. I seriously almost cried. It was a huge blessing because I was able to get gas in one of the cars AND get some groceries that we needed. We are going to make it but I cannot wait until fall (and not just for the cooler weather!)

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The Anglin Family said...

Yay for your gift card!!
I feel your pain! It will get better:) I've been having to watch my spending habits.